Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

It's Wednesday! YIPPPPPEEEEE

Last time we spoke, it was February. Since then? Autumn! Awesome! Still a bit of lingering Summer heat to keep me happy.

Musical adventures: seeing all my bandmates at a very happy Wednesday rehearsal, and showing my support at a sunny Sunday afternoon concert at Government House open day. Gorgeous weather, delicious afternoon tea provided and a bit of impromptu action in the rhythmn section: more cowbell!

This past week I also visited the wonderful library and stocked up on light reading (magazines) and things to watch (DVDs). I've decided that this year I'm going to try to watch a few more films, seeing as I don't have an extensive cinematic background. So far I've watched Paris, Texas, Capote and Brokeback Mountain. While I have somewhat enjoyed these films, I still have the feeling that I could be spending those two hours doing better things. Like facebook. Perhaps I'll have to watch a few more films to get into the swing of it. Any recommendations?

What else? Have been catching up with lots of friends. Boys on Thursday night to watch bands, girls on Friday night to eat Thai and drink rosé. Had a coffee date with the wonderful Ruby on Tuesday in Norwood. Visited my student on Monday for some physics teaching and Korean dinner. Saw a whole bunch of friends on Saturday night for a dance party. Brunched Sunday morning away with the family for my aunt's birthday. Egg and hash brown goodness. Also squeezed in a meeting with the interior decorator. Phew!

Steering by Stars at the Ed Castle, 25/02/10

Amongst all that socialising? Orientation day at University for courses that started yesterday. It's set to be an interesting but intense year, with placement beginning early May. I'm working feverishly to get a head start on assignments and applying for scholarships.

Can anybody say busy girl? What have you been up to, friends?


  1. "While I have somewhat enjoyed these films, I still have the feeling that I could be spending those two hours doing better things. Like facebook."

    Ah, do I know the feeling. Ever since I got back to singlehood, I kept questioning the usefulness of how I spent my time, and thus prevent myself to watch movies or series... while still procrastinating on, you name it, the Web.

    So know I just go with the flow, as the song goes, and try not to feel guilty when wasting time watching moving pictures. Or, at least, not too much guilt. Most of the time.

  2. Me and You and Everyone We Know - it's very funny/cute

    Patsy x

  3. @Xavier: Yep, just go with the flow and enjoy what you do.

    @Patsy: I have it on DVD! Agreed on the opinion.