Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Russh

I bought the latest RUSSH issue the other day and have been severely underwhelmed on my first flick through. The page layouts are so boring! The cover hardly inspires either.

Pages chosen at random (not highlighting particular examples)

Not an issue I'll be tearing into. Oh RUSSH, what went wrong?


  1. Australia is shit at fashion magazines. sorry, had to be said..

  2. RUSSH used to be my only light... I'm holding out hope.

    What magazines are you reading atm?

  3. Might have been an off month for RUSSH?

    Um I usually buy Paris and Italian Vogue. Sometimes I'll buy Numéro and Jalouse. But last couple months I've been getting sick of magazines, I just watch fashion tv most days or read style.com

  4. I'm hoping RUSSH hasn't permanently gone down the gurgler. Jalouse is lovely but a little light. I kept my eye out for Dealer de Luxe when I was over there (quarterly) but that can also be hit and miss. Can you read Italian Vogue?

    There's nothing like having your own copy of glossy pictures in front of you though... something tangible and entirely your own.