Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily Outfit: Colourful student

Some days you just feel like wearing colour, amiright?

PS. I feel really quite uncomfortable in footless tights.


  1. And you do colour so well darl! Must say my favourite outfit of yours in the past few weeks was the purple one you wore on our hot date. big love xx

    ps. check this out yo!

  2. sweetheart.
    i love and miss you dearly.
    this outfit makes me happy so - my heart is singing and pang-ing with joy...

  3. @Ruby: Thanks for the feedback! And the fact that we got to see each other on a good outfit day. Thanks for the link! I spy a familiar face...

    @Miss M: Oh sugar. I think about you all the time! Glad this outfit brings you much joy - you must share what you've been wearing lately.