Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Outfit: Sequin pants

Oh boy, this was a fun one. I was getting some funny looks at uni so texted my friend asking if sequin pants weren't uni appropriate. His response? They're always suitable.

My heart ring flashes love!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Outfit: Mixed prints

Grumpy face before uni
So sleepy after band
Some details: the stockings were a hit!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Hello hello hello! How were your respective weeks?

Mine's been a good one, filled with many social outings and not enough study. Wee! This is where I left off.

I've had assignments flying everywhere, thus quite a bit of last-minute work. Yes I should organise my time better.. but I'm having too much fun. So, aside from uni, there's been cycling, dinners out, a visit to the Art Gallery, my sister visiting over the weekend, band practice, a massive music (and fun!)-filled day for ANZAC day on Sunday, the glory of a Regina Spektor concert, a house party, lots of reading, tutoring, organising my prac, naps, thinking about clothes, lunch at the markets, magazines, daytime drinks, receiving parcels....

The new Entertainment Centre Theatre

Regina is made of starlight

By the time I get to Wednesday night I'm so exhausted from a massive day at uni and band practice that I can't remember what mischief I got up to in the preceding week. Hmm.

Sunday night houseparty: speeches on the shed roof.

I don't even know. Who is this guy and why is he wearing my jacket? I kept his iPhone in my purse for security.

This one's for my sister; she likes seeing pictures of the cat on the blog.

Have super, super weeks!

Practicum present

My ever-thoughtful aunt sent over a little parcel of encouragement for my first practical placement in a school.

Ridiculously cute monster stationery set! It'll inject a bit of personality into my teaching persona.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reading Review

I know I talk about books a lot, so if you want to stop reading this post here you're more than welcome. I just need to get this off my chest.

I popped into one of my many library haunts last week for a cheeky browse and found myself coming home with this book:

I thought I wanted something light after the heaviness and prose of this number:

Turns out I was smoking crack. I can't stand "chick lit". Why don't I recall this when I'm checking books out of libraries? Although I like varying my reading material, this is going too far. Unfortunately (in this circumstance) I'm a stubborn mule when it comes to books and I have remarkable stamina. Rare is the novel I'll abandon. This means I'm stuck with the silly book until I've made my way through its 300-odd pages. DAMMIT. Another reading quirk is that I'm reluctant to commence another story while I've one on the go. I'm already planning my next piece of literature for some sweet, sweet relief.

Are any of you this stubborn with reading? Once you start you can't stop? Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

Daily Outfit: Red, white and black

Yesterday I was so supremely lazy that I only got dressed to ride to tutoring. The outfit had no noteworthy elements, my hair was unwashed and I had bags under my eyes. Sorry guys, no outfit shot for Monday.

As penance, I offer you today's outfit shot. Yes, today, Tuesday 27 March! I'm still wearing it at this late hour.

I thought I'd go with a different colour scheme than usual. Tee hee.

Daily Outfit: The longest Sunday

Sunday was an extremely epic day! I was literally all over Adelaide.

After a very, very early start I met up with my bandmates to play at the ANZAC dawn service at Unley. At 6.30 we went to Norwood for breakfast and after some delicious poached eggs I wrapped myself up like a nanna with a glass of hot mead at St Peters. Then it was into the city for the official ANZAC day parade down North Terrace and King William Road. Post marching, I lugged my drum to North Adelaide for a few beverages before heading back home for an afternoon nap. I was woken by both my mom and my sister diving onto my bed (terrifying!) and after some bonding I went down to the airport to farewell my wonderful sister back to Perth. Are you keeping up? Due to a cozy Saturday night in, I had an itch for some party times on a Sunday night so I headed to a crazy house party in Mitcham.

I'd like to say it wasn't a theme party.

I still had some energy left in me so I headed to the city for some beers and ended up spending a few hours in the emergency department looking after a friend. They finally let us out around 4.30, a good 24 hours since my day began....

Monday, April 26, 2010


I've been thinking about goals lately; I feel a little directionless at the moment. This could be because I'm not fully engaging with my studies... I'm not sure what to do about that. I may have mentioned it here before, but I have three overriding goals/aims for this year: (in no particular order)

1. Be more confident. This may come as a surprise to some who know me, but I don't feel so capable in group situations. I want to be that girl: active participant in tutorials, impressive orator and diva in the karaoke bar. Previously, I would've shied away from those activities. Now I force myself to put my hand up and put myself out there. The inspiration for this originally came from watching Summer (Deschanel) sing karaoke so confidently in (500) days of Summer, and also from the wonderfully witty blog, Not that Kind of Girl - you must check this blog out if you're not already subscribed.

2. Don't work unless it's related to your career. I'm 23. I've done the crappy student job thing: hospitality, retail, promotions, you name it. Here's the thing though: I have a physics degree, a diploma in French and am midway through a teaching diploma. I feel I've done the hard yards and can now move on from casual employment. Thankfully, I came home from France with a bit of savings in my pocket so am trying to support myself on that this year. I'd rather live frugally than be forced into a job that won't get me anywhere and will impact on my study time.

3. Don't drive. I spent pretty much a year overseas getting around on my own steam and with public transport, so why does that have to stop now I have my own car and I'm familiar with the road rules? Sure, sometimes it takes a bit more forward planning and I may have to allow an extra 20 minutes in my travel time, but I view these as minor inconveniences for greater goods. Public transport is joyful reading time, and riding my bike counts as exercise. I'm lucky in that Adelaide generally has great weather (read: drought) so I can get away with cycling most days. The only thing I'm trying to work on here is cutting down on the number of taxis I take, both for financial and environmental reasons. I realise not driving isn't an option for some people (sorry about the double negative!) but I think a lot of people take the car as it's the "easy" option. Despite our mediocre public transport system, I do think it's possible to get by without a car if it's something you really aspire to.

I guess these goals contrast with 2009's resolution: drink more. I'm sorry(?) to say that I don't feel I succeeded with that one.

Do you have anything you want to achieve this year?

Daily Outfit: Saturday date

As mentioned, I popped over to the art gallery at the weekend. After getting my culture fix I got my food fix in China town. Yum yum!

I'm really no good at trans-seasonal dressing.

Hanging with my pal Isaac.

I tried to tuck myself into bed early on Saturday night because Sunday meant a 4.30am alarm. Unfortunately my novel was just too good so I had to finish that before shutting my eyes. Oops.

Art Gallery

On a stormy Saturday I rode to the art gallery.

There are some wonderful exhibitions on at the moment.

What a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daily Outfit: Spotted Suit

Slightly "French" inspired for presentations at uni and lunch date at the markets.

My cat, my companion

I didn't get around to changing my clothes to see Regina Spektor that night (but did put some heels on - phew.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: Triceratops Thursday

Gee whiz I like alliteration. Had you noticed yet?

Yesterday I fancied wearing my neon dinosaur tshirt again. So I did!

A much more appropriate outfit for cycling. Please excuse the sweat

Spotto my cat in the background going to her house.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Pencil Skirt

Due to some hectic scheduling, yesterday was a busy busy day and I took the bus instead of riding my bike. I celebrated the occasion by wiggling into a very tight pencil skirt.

That's one negative of riding my bike on a daily basis: sometimes I don't get to wear what I fancy. All of my skirts need to be cycling-friendly, otherwise I find myself tearing seams.

Anyway. I only realised just how very tight this skirt was when I shimmied my way down to the bus stop in high high heels. Oh dear. I couldn't walk properly. Not ideal for a full day at uni. This again proved problematic during marching practise in the evening (and my heels kept on irrigating the soft soil).

A fellow physicist asked me what the bow tie was in honour of... It's Wednesday, OK?!

So just a word of advice: the tightest pencil skirt + ridiculous heels + stairs + carrying heavy timpani = not a good combination. Thankfully I didn't tumble down the stairs, head over heels. It had its moments though, I tell you.....

Daily Outfit: Jungle Time

I don't know what's going on here. Suitable for a hot day at uni? You be the judge.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Just a quick one this evening as I'm kind of keen to tuck myself into fresh sheets and get back to reading Perfume. I've had a massive day today but feeling alright about it all so I hope these good vibes continue.

You can tell it's been a good week when there've been lots of lovely food-involved activities: Thai dinner with gorgeous girls on Wednesday night (and cocktails!), impromptu picnic on Friday, delicious Indian on Saturday night and sushi on Monday!

Other awesomeness? Getting uni work done, feeling confident about my studies, going back to band, visiting libraries, riding my bike, reading old diaries, hanging with the folks, a spot of op-shopping. The usual.

Things are getting quite busy at the moment but I'll still be posting away. It's so hard for me to comprehend that one year ago, I was travelling through the battlefields of France playing at ANZAC memorial services. Incredible. I am looking forward to this Sunday's dawn service and ANZAC parade - even if I do have to be up at 4.30. Guess I won't be going out Saturday night then...

Daily Outfit: Tears for Fears

You know what improves on an average Monday? A free ticket to Tears for Fears. Oh yeah.

80's drama.

This ring is a big hit.

Just hanging in the corporate box. Woo!

Working Wardrobe

I'm going on teaching practicum to the country in a few short weeks. Never having had any sort of real job, I was freaking out about not having anything appropriate to wear, and that I'd have to do a whole heap of shopping to find some suitable workwear.

It was only when I started pulling stuff out of the wardrobe that I realised, like any costume, my clothing provides. For any occasion.

1. I think there might be too much there (you think?!?). I'm only away for five weeks...

2. I think I'm also overestimating the classiness of my country school. Apparently the principal wears polo shirts, shorts and sandals on a daily basis. Hmm. Then again, when have I been worried about being the sore thumb?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Outfit: Moody Monday

I thought my low would pass overnight, but I woke up on Monday morning still feeling flat. I thought of my tried and tested remedies: bike riding, sunshine, libraries, good food... and combined all of them into a morning ride to the library and sushi for lunch.

Trial#1 of the Glowworm!

I've been told before that my neutral face is an angry one. I've become aware of it lately, as I listen intensely to conversation (I'm a bit deaf - too much metal.) I feel my face screwing up and wrinkles forming. It's not attractive. I'm going to make a conscious effort to relax my facial muscles, and adopt a pleasant neutral face. Although this risks making me look really, really vacant.

Daily Outfit: Sunday slob

This is what I wear when I get home post-bookclub on Sunday afternoon for some study and cat time. Styling.

Hop Shop

I picked up a few little goodies at the op shop this weekend, namely this foxy dress.

It's going to be my weightwatcher dress, due to its, uh, slimline cut.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily Outfit: Saturday soirée

Saturday afternoon, I cried the dreaded lament, "Oh dear, I've nothing to wear!"

I had a dinner date planned and while I had ideas in my head I was opening my wardrobe doors and seeing a vacuum (not actually).

The outfit had to be warm enough for a ride on the bike but I also wanted to look elegant.

Thankfully, when in doubt, wear red.

And for those wondering, the date went wellthankyouverymuch.

Just say no.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daily Outfit: Weekend Wear

I wasn't going to post today's (Saturday) outfit as I didn't think it was much. This is what I throw on when I get up early to go for a bike ride, without putting any thought into it.

A girl on the street thought otherwise! She said I must have lots of lovely things in my wardrobe. Compliments from strangers are so sweet.

I'm kind of glowing.

Daily Outfit: Impromptu picnic

Yesterday was such a great day for taking photos. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I got swept away by an impromptu picnic and didn't get home till it was getting dark. Another glorious sunset.

I'd like to thank my cat for turning her back on you.

The Light

Oh, these glorious Autumn eves make me so happy.

Daily Outfit: The light

Adelaide's been getting the most gorgeous dusky evenings lately...

A parcel in the post!