Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spring Flowers

Spring showers = spring flowers?

Don't get me started talking about the weather (brr, says the girl who kept popping up to Iceland this year!)

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The roses are magnificent at the moment.

I've also been seeing my favourite blooms everywhere:

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Alstroemerias. Not sure just why they're so appealing to me.

Are things looking pretty your way? Or are all the flowers going into hibernation?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daily Outfit: What to wear for a summer weekend in Iceland

I mentioned that this was a bit of a cray cray year, travel wise right?!

Aside from a fortnight in Japan, backpacking round Europe and a six week trip to North America, I also headed up to Iceland five times this year.
(and found myself a Viking too!)

So, what to wear for a long weekend up in Iceland in the middle of summer? Your winter gear, of course!

 photo 946220_10151547173419226_83920143_n_zps38a837d7.jpg
Thingvellir National Park

 photo 1003875_10151547173969226_316052392_n_zps6e90f727.jpg
The site of Iceland's first government, and the groaning apart of the European and North American tectonic plates!

 photo IMG_1114_zpsbbc091e8.jpg
I can't BELIEVE we made it up this glacier. In June!

 photo 1044656_10151547174989226_126758129_n_zps3b9eef66.jpg

 photo 6967_10151547175344226_1079811417_n_zps60dd87e2.jpg

 photo IMG_1107_zps618b3d0b.jpg

 photo 1012624_10151547174544226_1101630617_n_zps080ad6e1.jpg
Geothermally active Haukadalur, with Geysir and the more active Strokkur

 photo IMG_1124_zps0038742d.jpg
Volcanic caldera (wish I could remember its name!)

 photo IMG_1130_zps97bfc468.jpg
Looks like he caught me but actually I found him.

 photo 1011921_10151547176279226_323703141_n_zps4f56766f.jpg
Styling while caving through a lava tube at Thingvellir.

 photo IMG_1156_zps9e68c769.jpg
Reykjavik city planning at open-air folk museum Arbaejarsafn
 photo IMG_1155_zpsb1981bc5.jpg
This house was from the 1970s or something crazy, no joke.

There'll be more Iceland photos so I hope you're not tired of them yet! Who could get tired of that strange light and surreal alien landscapes....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daily Outfit: Hotel Life

I can remember just how delighted I was to stay in a luxury hotel with my parents in Glasgow after much backpacking.

 photo IMG_3998_zps6185037e.jpg

 photo IMG_3999_zpsc7a8baa5.jpg

 photo IMG_4009_zps4abb9cd2.jpg

 photo IMG_4010_zps521066ca.jpg

 photo IMG_1055_zpsb007958c.jpg

And one more for good luck:

 photo IMG_1058_zps46507dcf.jpg

Was kind of stunned that I could cobble together a "suit" from my backpack!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Vintage Loving

Some beautiful dresses have been popping up on my Pinterest lately, so I thought I'd share them with you!

 photo b7f5609f0a90a850baeb11b06ed3aa13_zps3581a190.jpg

 photo d43baf9b4ba122577a29445c8d5dddf2_zps66355477.jpg

 photo ac9bdf7ed5fe74517b81b8a01744db97_zps4c4546e8.jpg

 photo b86767b09aad30b216bd69fb99e72098_zps486b6703.jpg

 photo 9c451864ef50b697b6367de8a7128b47_zps4e89184e.jpg

 photo bc0790439f05c7d29650c3d2e4b4e6a1_zpsffd68550.jpg

Interestingly, a lot of these robes are Lanvin. Not a brand I feel a particular affinity with in 2013, however.

The beautiful collection reminds me of browsing through the fantastic fashion archives at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sequin Cat for Louis Vuitton?

While flicking through Interview magazine the other day (don't worry, I get all of my reading material from the library) I noticed an ad campaign that looked oddly familiar...

 photo karlie_kloss_louis_vuitton_alma_bag_campaign_04_zps96b7a9b4.jpg

Louis Vuitton's recent line of bags, and its "Chic on the bridge" (chic sur le pont) advertisements are visually appealing with the latest crop of modelling stars, but I was more interested in the candy-coloured bags themselves.

I know I was a fan of the Parisian way of holding your bag whilst I lived there in 2009 (and still hold my bag this way, admittedly). But let's look a little bit more at the shape of the bag, even the texture, and zipper.

The bag itself? Found in an op shop before I moved abroad, and thrashed to death while in France. Marc, have you been trawling my archives???

Ribbed texture, complete zip, square buckles and bag supports on the bottom. Hmm.

Thank you French red bucket bag for so much loyal service!

New to the blog? Like what you see here? Click through on any of the images above to read about my crazy adventures living in Paris in 2009 (or the 2012/13 archives are also travel-tacular!)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daily Outfit: Spare from Japan

It seems this snap from Osaka Castle managed to miss my Japanese Outfit round-up!

 photo IMG_3217_zps4236373d.jpg

Variations on the same theme, I guess...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Daily Outfit: Backpacking in Europe

I thought I'd clear the backpacking backlog (I'll get there... maybe) and start sharing just a few of my adventures abroad. There were many.

I've tried to keep these in chronological order (it also gives you a bit of an idea about how crazily zig-zagged my travels were).

 photo IMG_3533_zps5204c963.jpg
Picking wildflowers in Montpellier

 photo IMG_3595_zps8040c713.jpg
Soaking up sun in Copenhagen

 photo 984244_10151502140534226_553280645_n_zps351ac3bb.jpg
Flowers in Denmark

 photo 389255_10151502141659226_1336091606_n_zps20835bec.jpg
Mirrored art in Copenhagen

 photo 969271_10151502142534226_2073049224_n_zps5f66933a.jpg
Touring Copenhagen with friends

 photo IMG_3610_zps0fc4e281.jpg
Arriving in Budapest on "Hard Rubbish" weekend!

 photo IMG_3613_zpsc46a4ffb.jpg
Jumping for joy while clubbing in Pest

 photo IMG_3629_zpscd0418b3.jpg
A rainy day on the Buda side of the river, Hungary

 photo IMG_3659_zpse6c7b286.jpg
Getting ready for some epic caving, Budapest

 photo IMG_3718_zps028c86f3.jpg
Mirrors in the fun house, Stockholm

 photo IMG_3720_zpsf2ac3b9e.jpg
Knee not looking too swollen!

 photo IMG_3803_zps9f78b1b9.jpg
One day tour of Dortmund, Germany

 photo IMG_1052_zpsf78bc0e8.jpg
Pre nude sauna experience, Cologne, Germany

 photo IMG_3916_zps4bbadc28.jpg
Bremen Botanical Garden, Germany

 photo IMG_3934_zps2210b32c.jpg
Giving Bach some respect, Leipzig, Germany

 photo IMG_3942_zpsc0b25bbe.jpg
About to see the orchestra play Pictures at an Exhibition (one of my faves!)

 photo IMG_3978_zpsd95b475f.jpg
Alarmed (in a stainless steel bathtub, DesignPanoptikum, Berlin)

 photo IMG_3567_zps24dcd151.jpg
Usual travel attire. Judging from the wet public transport surface, I'm going to bet this is Bordeaux

I can't really give any advice on packing a travel wardrobe (for all the climates!) as I wasn't only travelling for a few months, I had my whole life on my back. When leaving Bordeaux (and heading to Japan, hooray!) I sorted through all my possessions. What couldn't fit in my pack was either sent home, or, sent to a good home. I think things would have been different if I had a home base.