Friday, November 30, 2012


Love my Klein blue chapeau and matching scarf.

Daily Outfit: Mondays are for Wine-Tastings

Yes, yes they are.

(and for wearing a polka dot suit and bowtie)

Daily Outfit: Let there be Light

A quick snap outside the Lumière Brothers Museum in Lyon.

Before you say anything: Yep, pants. Yep, eyes shut. Yep, mild weather!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday Wrap-up

How do Wednesdays seem to roll around more frequently than Fridays? As a physicist, I feel I should be able to work this one out...

Well, we nearly made it through the whole of No Excuses November without making any excuses for not blogging. So close!

Unfortunately in the last 24 hours I've been taken down by a monster cold virus. And I do mean taken down - I have slept all day (except for a break around 6pm where I watched two episodes of New Girl.)

Being sick when you're not around your people is hard. I planned to go to the pharmacy but when I woke up (again) they were shut. I have friends here, of course, that offered to bring around medication, but I didn't even have the strength to buzz them into my apartment. I don't want them seeing me like this.

Hopefully all this slumber will take effect and I'll see an improvement tomorrow (and be able to do a proper Wrap-up!)

Falling sick is probably due to having so many good times. I'm sure I'll be up for adventuring again soon. Nighty night!

Daily Outfit: Forest Hike

When hiking through unmarked paths in the forest, don't forget to wear your knee-high stiletto heel boots.

Sometimes I'm a real goose.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daily Outfit: Lounging in Lugdunum

Just having a sunset think at the Roman amphitheatre in Lyon. As you do.

Daily Outfit: From the Vaults

You can tell this is an old relic, unearthed from long ago by the following clues: I hadn't had my hair cut at this stage, I'm wearing bare legs and short sleeves so you'd better believe the temperature's more than 20˚, the statues are wearing breast cancer ribbons for the month of October.

Sorry about the delay! Back to regular programming...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Stumble

Let's start (or end?) your week off right, with a round-up of what I've come across this week that's made me smile. A friend did just spend the whole weekend trying to spark my interest in Pinterest (aha!) but I worry it's a slippery slope.

(Not going to be entirely cat links. Maybe.)

Photographer Lori Nix's post-apocalyptic landscapes (found via Make the World a Prettier Place)

Always amazing Joy the Baker has given me brunch inspiration in this Onion and Ricotta Frittata. Also, are you listening to her podcast with Tracy Shutterbean? If not, get on it quicksmart!

Beautiful paper cuttings from French artist Maud Vantours (found via English Muse)

Bad Girls throughout History zine looks pretty bad ass!

National Geographic photography competition winners (also found via English Muse)

Buzzfeed has collected 20 cute bookshelf ideas.

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners!

Illustrator Claire Hummel has done a series on Disney Princesses in authentic period costume (found via Visual News

I love Broccoli. Seems like photographer Fulvio Bonavia does too, in his book using food as fashion (found via Beautiful Life)

Not that I'm ever stuck for something to read, but if you are, you might find this site novel (I presume you're already familiar with this one?)

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Daily Outfit: Stonemasonry

Rocking out my lovely warm coat (from the extreme shopping expedition!) in very rural France. Hanging out with my friend, the stony-faced Marcellin Champagnat.

If you're a new reader to the blog, welcome! I'm very open to new friends and post ideas.

Si vous êtes nouveau/nouvelle lecteur/lectrice du blog, bienvenue! Je suis ouverte aux nouvels amis et à toute nouvelle idée!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Daily Outfit: A Casual Weekend

Pants and... flats?! Don't worry, we're not in an alternate Universe, just enjoying a casual weekend. Riding bike, the like.

I don't know how you're feeling, but I for one am looking forward to the end of No Excuses November! Blogging every day has been kind of tough, especially as I've been travelling, hosting and visiting friends, working on a theatre piece (fantastic!), socialising AND working.

There's still a lot more fun to come, of course...

Fromage Friday

So sorry to disappoint. This week's been a little quiet on the fromage front (but high on the vegetable count, hurrah!)

I've been a busy bee (but of course) and haven't had much time for leisurely lunches. Boo!
I did however inhale a cheesy salad for lunch before my train this afternoon and feasted on a whole cheese platter amongst friends this evening. Amazing chèvre!

Daily Outfit: Is that a baguette in your pocket or....

Wearing pants! I love that I've become a regular at my local boulangerie. The ladies there are charming.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daily Outfit: She's the Lady in Red

More often than not, I'm rocking some red. I like it.

Daily Outfit: Shopping Hysteria

A few weeks ago I found myself mysteriously coming home laden with shopping bags but deficient in money....

ARGH!! How did I buy this much?!

I can't afford this on my pitiful salary! Good thing I did do my big winter shop as a cold snap set in shortly after (check out those bare pins!)

Wednesday Wrap-up

I cannot believe that Wednesday has crept around once again. Sneaky devil.

I'm tired! How are you?

Photo heavy and word light today. Veuillez m'excuser (NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER!!!)

There's this new statue in the town square and you'd better believe the Frenchies are complaining about it.

Exhibition opening at the Contemporary Art Museum with my ladies.

British pub meal.

Ridiculous cake for a girlfriend's birthday. So delicious!

Fairytales and wine at a fairytale bar.

My darling friend brought over pear tart for Sunday lunch. Yum!

Sunday evening stroll along the riverfront.

I closed my finger in the washing machine door at the laundromat and bled all over the floor. Oops indeed.

After ragging on the French for their lack of vegetables I made myself this über salad the other night. So good.

Moi aussi! Walking home from my theatre group.

Such delicious November weather.

Christmas markets are setting up and I'm loving the lights in every street.

Lots of food (and drink) of course this week! Would you expect anything else?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daily Outfit: The Symphony Orchestra

(Somewhat) dressed up for enjoying the Bordeaux Symphony on a Sunday afternoon. Amazing.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Outfit: Late Night Red and White

(In)action shot

Action shot!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily Outfit: During the storm

Bordeaux has had an extreme amount of rain this autumn. You can see my soggy jeans (jeans!) after heading out without an umbrella to pick up some concert tickets. We went to the concert (in an abandoned submarine base) that night with umbrellas but were still soaked head to toe.

Daily Outfit: Rip her to Shreds

Bit late with today's post. All good though, no excuses!

Why the title? When I took this dress off I noticed a big tear in the hem. Sad face. It's currently sitting in my "to mend" pile.

Also, new hair! Grown a bit since then, but what do you think?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fromage Friday!

Oh yes, oh yes (oh oui?) it's that time of the week again, Fromage Friday! The day that I show you all the creamy, delicious saltiness that I've been snacking on. Hurrah.

Goat's cheese salads are a staple of my vegetarian diet here.

Apple and cheese toasted sandwich with homemade bread at Plume. Yum.

Cheese platter and wine at Bistrot du Fromager.

Maybe you've seen this one already? Goat's cheese and berry salad in Barcelona. Out of this world.

My friend sent me this via text. I like it so much.

Typical after dinner snacking: gherkins, mandarin, cheese. Also, wine.

Should I worry that I can't remember where this was?

So much tastiness! Until next time...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Daily Outfit: Oh Mickey, you're so fine.

It really blows my mind!

If only he weren't such a berk...