Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I went to the library the other day and borrowed some Frankie magazines from 2009. While reading the September/October issue, I came across a snippit on designer Nikicio, who has designed a suit of fantastic tapestry cat material.

The outfit comprises of a jacket, skirt, heels and clutch purse all in matching fabric. Nice.

While trawling the net looking for images, I came across this site, dedicated to lots and lots of cat findings. Ohhhh yeahhhh.


  1. Have you seen Mui Mui's last seasons collection? Plenty of cats!

  2. please buy this and wear it lots. i loves it! x

  3. ps. check out the pockets on this sweet little number!

  4. I prefer my catsuit to be made of actual cat skin. Just a preference.

  5. @Janelle: are you as cat crazy as I am? PS loving your fashion week coverage, congratulations!

    @Ruby: Super cute, thanks for the link!

    @Patricia: Yow!