Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Another full-on week (when is it not?)

My first (terrifying) few days in a classroom (here and here) with connections finally being made between theory covered in class and reality. Eye-opening to say the least.

Let off some steam with a Francophone pizza and dancing night on Thursday which made Friday a little slow and a much needed restful night. Saturday was spent at the design market, then a very sweaty afternoon ride to a friend's house to share cider and hot cross buns. Yum yum. Saturday night was drinks, dinner and kilometres of conversation. Good stuff and really refreshing (like the light rain that fell on us at 5am). A ridiculously happy Sunday, followed by an unproductive Monday: you know when you have days where you just don't want to do work? Thankfully sushi and fiction make everything better.

I'm lamely hobbling through my last week at uni. I gave not doing the readings a whirl for once and found that I was not disadvantaged by this. Hmm. After school I come home and cook or read or look for my cat. It's a pretty exciting life that I lead. I did find out, however, that I'll be receiving one of the scholarships I applied for. Hurray!

Otherwise? There's construction work going on all around me. I drove for the first time in a year yesterday (perhaps I'll post about this? Yes? No?). I'm getting to know some of my classmates. I'm itching to go out (will just have to hold on for tomorrow night). I've got the next two weeks as "holidays" - really, working on about eight assignments - two weeks of theory and then I'm off to do my first practicum.. in the country! Yeeha.


  1. readings schmeadings! pizza and sushi sounds far better to me :P