Friday, December 20, 2013

Blog Break

My dears,

I have a lot of exciting stuff* on the very near horizon so I've decided to give myself a month off blogging.

I'm sure you also have much better things to do this festive season than to sit on your computers.

I am looking forward to Christmas (and beyond!) so much.

Hope to see you at the end of January. Have a wonderful month.

* The exciting stuff! Icelandic boyfriend is in the middle of crossing half the globe for me, to spend a hot Christmas with my family and then we'll jump over to Melbourne for a few nights. I pick him up at the airport tomorrow morning and I can't wait! When he departs (sniff) early January I decided rather than mope I'd also head away, so am headed to Thailand (again! This'll be my third visit) for a solid 10 days. I'll be back just before the school year starts. A whirlwind!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily Outfit: Prague

More belated travel posts? Sure thing.

Did I say Eastern Europe? I meant just Prague. Just Prague!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a couch to surf so I stayed in a cute little hostel in a female dorm. There I met awesome Korean traveller MinKang! She talked me into skydiving. WHAT?!?!

Creepy sculpture on the walking tour

Secret bookshelf entrance to Speculum Alchemiae, a secret alchemist laboratory only discovered in 2002 when the city flooded!

Most things here are recreations, but it really set the mood. Plus I was the only one on the tour (eek!)

Didn't really have sporty clothes with me to go skydiving.

What a rush!

IMG_1365 - Version 2
Geeking out over my favourite astronomers (actually, I like them all)

IMG_1368 - Version 2
And losing my mind over the amazing library at the Strahov Monastery

I wish we were allowed to go in!

A final night out in Prague, and doing my best to scrub up.

I visited Prague in late July, and while there were bits that I liked (see above, and the delicious beer, and the Mucha museum) the city as a whole didn't grab me as much as, say, Budapest did. Isn't it funny, how some places you immediately feel something for, and others never warm on you?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thoughts while Dancing

I returned to my beloved Monday night dance sessions this evening, after a healing-induced break.

Maybe it's because I haven't been for a few weeks, but I couldn't get my brain to turn off. Also, the room wasn't particularly dark at 8.30pm (I love summer nights!)

Here are some things I thought about:

  • It's easier to dance with your eyes shut
  • I strongly endorse stretching pre-grooving, but also during
  • I really should wrap my Christmas gifts soon
  • My favourite genres to dance to are techno/clubby/dance and dubstep
  • Because dubstep lets you dance like a robot in need of repairs
  • I don't mind something a bit slower to get my interpretive dance on
  • Prime position is under the fans
  • If too hot, remove t-shirt and dance un-selfconsciously in sports bra. WOO!
  • Gosh it feels good to move again

My lovelies, it was the best thing! I wasn't really looking forward to it because I haven't been active lately (I got puffed hiking at Hallett Cove yesterday) and I have also been eating all the snacks (training for Christmas?)

Dancing is definitely a highlight of my week.

Daily Outfit: Farewell to France

After living in Bordeaux, backpacking to Japan, and criss-crossing Europe, I finally farewelled France (for now...)

Photos from July 2013 (Bastille day and beyond!)

Street styling in the Latin Quarter

After a picnic at the Jardin du Luxembourg, we boozily made our way to watch the fireworks at the Tour

This giraffe got SO CLOSE at the Maubeuge zoo (just on the Belgium border)

Camembert baguette, stripes and a scarf at Charles de Gaulle airport. Au revoir! Mais pas adieu.

I'm nearing the end of these travel snaps (sortakindaactuallyno)
We still have Eastern Europe, Iceland (again?!) and North America! Fun!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Daily Outfit: The Clash

What is this, some sort of outfit blog?!

Well, kinda. Trying to make up for recent quiet and clear the stash of photos sitting on my hard drive. Can you believe I've hardly spoken about Europe?

 photo IMG_2211-Version2_zpsef6d22b6.jpg
I may be a silly goose, but I am actually on the phone here.

 photo IMG_2213-Version2_zps687c268c.jpg
Hi there!

I swear my cat is the friendliest. If you're doing something outside, like a dog, she'll pad over and check out what you're up to and keep you company. So sweet.

 photo IMG_2214_zpsd99b9eb3.jpg
Shiny shoes, fluffy cat.

 photo IMG_2215_zpsf0d49080.jpg
This op shopped skirt came with the cute belt!

Clashing prints for a hot day of exam supervision.

Daily Outfit: The French Teacher

I am thrilled to be teaching lots of French next year!

 photo IMG_2206-Version2_zps6f1d977c.jpg

Better make sure my wardrobe is up to scratch.

A sober look for some relief teaching.

Gosh I love these Adelaide blue skies.

Daily Outfit: Sequin Cat goes casual

What's this?! Jeans? A plain top?

 photo IMG_2205_zpsbade1cb9.jpg

It was a jobs around the house kinda day, what can I say...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Daily Outfit: Spring Twirl

After last month's busy-ness, and the dreaded tonsillectomy, I haven't been posting here much.
All is well!

 photo IMG_2199_zps8d90efdd.jpg

You may have already seen this dress here, when I posted about dancing (can't wait to go back!)

I picked up this twirly, flirty, summery dress at an op shop a few weeks ago.

I wonder if I can wear it for work?

 photo IMG_2201_zpsba35e0c8.jpg

 photo IMG_2202_zps775348ec.jpg

 photo IMG_2200_zps0aac0b31.jpg

Some days you just have to dance barefoot in your own backyard.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Out/House - Bound

I left the house last night, after a week (a week!) of recovery post-tonsillectomy.

(I saw MUSE play. It was awesome. Lasers. Physics.)

Surprisingly, being house-bound hasn't made me too stir crazy. I've been reading and playing silly computer games and counting down the days till my Viking arrives.

Being out and about is tiring though. I can't talk much either. I've been wearing stripey shirts and miming a lot...

I'm going to try heading out again tomorrow; first to the cricket and then to a clothes swap later on. Fingers crossed!