Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daily Outfit: Congraduations

A day before this lunch, I rocked up to Adelaide Uni for one last time (perhaps?) to graduate.

Celebrated with a photoshoot, lunch and fizz.

Pommes Frites

I haven't had hot chips for so long.

Daily Outfit: Last day of Term

How dare I state that this was the last day of school? Clearly I forgot that on the last day I dressed up as an Easter egg.

On the plane to Perth the other day I heard a little girl state quite confidently that "Year One is over". She wasn't convinced by her mom's contradiction.

Daily Outfit: Bestriped

Long-time readers will have observed that stripes are a bit of a thing at Sequin Cat HQ. Not being one to do things by halves....

Running errands then acting as Australian ambassador to a visiting party of Frenchies. Whee!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Chanel Iman's makeup for Dior RTW Spring 2011.

Violet lids and coral lips. Yes please.

Daily Outfit: Dylan

Although papa wasn't so appreciative of this get-up, other punters at the Bob Dylan concert were!

Something... different.

Wednesday Wrap-up (whenever you please)

An excuse for not getting this in on time? How about a muchos crazy week hosting two French musicians, acting as unofficial interpreter at events with the Lord Mayor, manfriend's staff Easter party, rehearsal after rehearsal culminating in marching down Rundle Street on Saturday and a full day of competing on Sunday then the usual ANZAC day activities before flying to Perth on Tuesday for a brief, two day real holiday?

Adelaide was blessed with glorious weather over the Easter weekend.

Perth also puts on a good show. The Indian Ocean was beautiful!

Other good news: I'm finally feeling happier. About time!

Daily Outfit: Emerald Lobster

I know I've been wearing clothes since the last day of school, but my camera must have been waylaid somewhere....

Holidays = lunch and beers in the city.

I lost the emerald button for this crazy jacket one night at the pub so made do with a lobster brooch.

Love these dudes! Extra thanks to Mr. McLean for the snaps

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Candy Stripes

I know it's old news, but how seriously amazing is Prada Spring RTW 2011 collection?!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daily Outfit: Mix up

COLD at school! Nice when things come together; I like these items separately but together they work too.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up

What a week!

He graduated. I graduated. He finished his first term of Honours. I finished my first term of teaching. I spent the whole weekend (and every night) at band practice. I ate so much good food! Drank champagne all afternoon long. Got into evening naps (5-6pm, with the lights on). Dropped off my car for repairs. Figured out in my journal how to make myself happy again. Thought in French. Lunched with lovelies (hello!) Saw Bob Dylan. Went for rides in the sunshine.

To come? BANDBANDBAND then Perth. Hosting French guests! Hopefully seeing friends amongst all the chaos and translations.

The Wedding

Despite extensive googling and tineye searches, original source unknown. It's an editorial from a foreign Marie Claire/Vogue (I think!) If you remember where it's from, please let me know.

This is about how excited I feel regarding the upcoming Royal Wedding. Am I the only person in the blogosphere that won't be glued to the TV/internet in a week's time watching two people get married? I'm more excited about my sister's wedding at the end of the year.

Then again, if my friends were to organise a theme party I could be persuaded....

Daily Outfit: Made it.

Finally arrived at the last week of term. Not a moment too soon!

Daily Outfit: Arriba!

Terrible photo. Quick snap of what I wore to Mexican dinner date a couple of weekends ago. Our taxi driver was hilarious, asking us "Where are you from?" implying that he didn't think our attire was reminiscent of Earthlings....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Outfit: Cottoning on

Was given a verbal slap on the wrist by a good friend today for undisciplined blogging - not chronicling every outfit and going days between posts.

Things have been.... hectic around here as of late. I won't go into details, but the last week of school combined with multiple demanding commitments has left this cat pressed for time and stretched to her limit. TIRED.

Onwards and upwards, yes?

Cotton dress for one last hot day at school.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up

Another day, another post via iPhone?

I can't say it's been as simple as that. Energising band rehearsals and exhausting days at school. The weekend spent cleaning my room, napping and, er, marching down Rundle Mall. Thank goodness my students didn't see me!

In other news, I really didn't enjoy Sucker Punch as a movie (poor choice, manfriend!) but liked watching early early Jonathan Creek and also the original Jurassic Park with my science students.

Tant mieux pour les vacances.

Daily Outfit: Les layers

Mixing things up for school.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colourful cactii

Pretty, huh? Original source unknown.

Daily Outfit: Black lace

Zee witchy vibes!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Les vacances

I am hankering for holidays! The term is just a week too long and I'm out of juice. Too much marking and too much planning.

Original source unknown

Thinking, thinking, dreaming.

Daily Outfit: the Blues

I've missed a few outfits here and there - Saturday soirée pizza date, Monday night French film, weekend at home. Hope you'll forgive me!

Not intentionally posing - I was actually checking out something in the bushes... I swear!

OK, I'll admit: getting my ham on here.

Daily Outfit: Librarian?

As I was riding through the racecourse, a fellow cyclist slowed down to tell me "The librarian look.. I like it!"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mag Hag

I almost bought myself the latest copy of French Vogue this afternoon for want of something to flick through. Then I remembered the billions of old magazines I have piling up around me at home and decided against it. Plus, I have an overloaded blog reader to get through first!

Daily Outfit: Seeing Spots

Spotty dress, spotty legs!

Channeling Star Trek

I've been sporting a rather unfortunate look as of late due to infection.

Not me, obvs but you really don't want to see the real pictures!

The Klingon look is so 2012.

Daily Outfit: An apple for the teacher

My students were impressed that I'd managed to do up the buttons on the back of my shirt.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daily Outfit: Caribbean

Feels a little tropicana fiesta, no?

Just another day at school, alas.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Origami

Things have been a bit crazy at Camp Sequin Cat as of late. I haven't forgotten you all my dears! The work/life thing is hard though, innit? I'm trying to do it all but am ending up exhausted and behind in my work. C'est la vie.

Loving listening to French radio stations. I have a debate on nuclear power on in the background while I do my marking or read a book. Strangely relaxing but pleased the connaissance is still there.

What's new pussycats?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mulberry hydrangeas

Flicking through the March issue of UK Vogue the other night at band practice I was in awe of the beautiful styling behind the latest Mulberry campaign.

And just who is responsible? The delightful Mr Tim Walker, of course...

(My very lucky friend has a copy of his coffee table book and it is absolutely wonderful for inspiration!)

Daily Outfit: Sports Day

It was Sports Day at school last week and while my team (green and yellow, obvs) didn't win, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the break from school.

I helped out with the shotput!

Daily Outfit: The 'net

Are fishnets okay for school attire when worn with a knee-length skirt and a boatneck top? Un peu française, non?

Staff and students alike love the jacket.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a minute in March

They don't call it Mad March for nothing. What with work, manfriend, family, Fringe, Womad and a weekend away I'm surprised I managed to keep my head on! Just.

not enough! I'm so tired after school that I get through two or three pages in bed before my eyes close. I did, however finish Gatsby and the light novel that complemented it. I'm deciding what to devour next.

Listening... to the radio in the car in the morning, to hold music while on the phone, to rain and wind while I'm working, to music from around the planet at Womadelaide.

Wishing... friends well! Lots of babies born this month and birthdays galore.

Watching... the new season of Amazing Race that my dad kindly started downloading.

Buying... a jacket and a bag, some new underwear, red lipstick. Definitely not shoes.

Wanting... for little! Not looking forward to the onset of cold weather (I get chilly bones) but so far autumn is lovely. Even though my day to day is starting to wear thin I have lots of lovely things to look forward to.

Cooking... rarely and getting to the end of the week with an empty lunchbox. Oops.

Making... birthday plans for the manfriend, arrangements in the diary, teaching progress (I think...)

Loving... him, simply.

Was your March locco? How did it compare to février?


Google is looking pretty cute today!

Daily Outfit: Pant party

Happy Sequin Cat! In pants?!

Daily Outfit: Blue floral

Bit of an unflattering photo but you get the idea. Sunny outfit for an overcast day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daily Outfit: Street Style

More like school style.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Outfit: Location location

Low-key for PD (professional development, not potential difference. We teachers LOVE the acronyms...)