Monday, March 1, 2010

Wardrobe choices

Remember how I was rocking the capsule wardrobe for a good ten months? I do. My limited clothing choices didn't make getting dressed easy, particularly over a harsh European Winter.

Now that I'm home, I'm confronted with an abundance of choice: there's just too much. Getting dressed in the morning is a challenge and I usually just grab the first item my eye lands on. This has meant a lot of Summer dresses - pop them on, find some shoes and onto your bike!

What I really need to do is have a think about my themes for this Summer/Autumn, and hopefully that will give me some style direction.

What looks are you getting into while it's still hot out? What's inspiring you as you pick your clothes for the day?


  1. maybe you need some colour coding in that hanging system, sister! i wouldn't say 'inspiring' but today i'm wearing a B&W low neck polka dot dress-top so it won't rub my sting, but a neck scarf that hovers over the cleve, to be p.c. at art school. practical fashions. see ye tomorrow! x

  2. I haven't been feeling inspired at all, lately - I can't wait to get into Autumn clothes. ;]
    -Andi x

  3. Looks like you need a bigger wardrobe!
    I guess after living in Europe you'll be ready for the piss weak Australia winter. Does it get real cold in Adelaide? I've never been there but I'm from Perth so I imagine the same sorta deal.

    I have no inspiration in the morning, I always look outside and check the weather and usually put something black on.

  4. @Ruby: There is a vague order of colours in the wardrobe! Perhaps not too apparent with all the prints.

    @Andi: I feel you girl! I'd like to get a bit more wear out of Summer gear before I have to put the layers on again though.

    @Janelle: Storage is the eternal problem. I keep finding stashes of clothes all over the place: in my sister's wardrobe, under the bed, in the sitting room, in drawers... it's actually frightening.

    Re météo, how'd you cope with the winds the other day? Adelaide's been gusty too. Weatherwise, I'd say Adelaide and Perth are pretty similar.

  5. haha under your bed! I used to get in big trouble as a kid for doing that to my clothes, now I'm very very organised. I reckon you should get a bigger wardrobe and drawers, you can never have too many clothes I say.

    Not much wind in Paris actually, I was suprised to see on the news today there was a huge storm. I don't know anyone west of France and my boyfriends parents are in the deep south so I think everything is fine :)
    And the sun is out today, finally

  6. Not much wind in Paris?! At got awoken at 6am because of winds. Gn :)