Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Outfit: Lynx.

Holy moley! A long time since my last outfit shot. Soz!

I love these colours together but not sure anybody else does!

Wednesday Wrap-up

It's still Wednesday, right? Not really Sequin Cat. I need to get with the times!

Excellentness: Spontaneous weekend at the beachhouse - discovery of a microbrewery, beers on the balcony overlooking the sea, playing many rounds of Wii, reading in bed, starting a puzzle on the kitchen table, local produce, sunset walk along the beach, stocking up a wood fire.

Also: The rest of manfriend's birthday gifts arriving from the US and me winning awesome girlfriend awards, cocktails and tapas with a girlfriend, my cousin's 20th birthday, making time to read, spending time with mom, British Vogue.

Less excellent: Having my first car accident (nothing major but (quite) a bit of $ to pay), my cousins' dog being put to sleep, saying goodbye to childhood relics (but a bit fun too - nostalgia!)

Any news to report your side of the world?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep or Return?

I go shopping so rarely that I seriously question each and every purchase.

Bought due to the need for a chilly-afternoon-cover-up. I kind of like it?

Love this bag for work but it won't fit my laptop.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy 900th Post, Sequin Cat!

Quadruple digits are ticking ever closer!

I've had this blog for over two years now. It's been with me through university, life in France, travels to London, New York and Berlin and now with full-time work.

This time round I decided to celebrate the achievement with a little weekend away.

Thank you all for your continued support, and here's to many, many more fun posts!

Some more cat love

Just in case you missed what's been my thang lately...

Original source unknown

Friday, March 25, 2011

Daily Outfit: Salty Sunday

Woke up way too early for all-day band rehearsal and wasn't too happy about it. Thankfully, Pocky saved the day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Outfit: Apricot Lace

I found this sweet bed jacket on a tree outside manfriend's house. It'd been there for a few days so I figured nobody was coming back to collect it. I like it with stripes - do you?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daily Outfit: A la française

Beautiful sunshine last week before the blue mood set in.

I love the new lipstick I bought last week! It's a tomato red like my usual, and cheap too: Australis. Pity about the lipsticky taste... you know what I mean?

Wednesday Wrap-up

Bonjour à tous!

It's far too easy when the weather turns grey to start feeling a bit down. Clouds and showers this week have zapped a bit of my natural energy and forced me to make a conscious effort to smile. I'm hoping the ennui is temporary!

Photo by Peter Ryan.

What's some good stuff? Lovely Saturday sleep-in and afternoon at the pub to celebrate manfriend's birthday. We sampled lots of interesting beers and had good times with friends. Dinner after was most delicious too but it was a cold ride home that evening (and my bike had been tampered with when it was locked up in the city - sad face).

I really, really appreciated a Friday night in. Just me, pajama pants, catso, DS and DVDs.... very unlike Sequin Cat! Made up for it on Sunday with an all day band rehearsal. Nationals are coming up and I'm very, very nervous.

My glorious sister swanned into town late Sunday night and will be leaving us tomorrow. I'm really enjoying relaxing in her company and the easy conversation that only family can provide. What a pity that I have to work every day! I've been trying to finish up at school early and get home promptly but teaching is a busy job and there's always more I could/should be doing.

Sometimes you just need to let go.

Cat love

I'm starting (starting?) to make you think I'm a crazy cat lady, right?

Original source unknown

Too cute.

Daily Outfit: Dressing in a dream

Other ways you can spot I've got dressed in a hurry? When I've thrown on a dress...

Marios Galaxy

Like the dress, dislike the styling.

Marios Schwab SS '11.

Daily Outfit: I love WOMAD

Weekend fun times!

On Saturday and Sunday I went more for the mismatch.

Sorry about the indoor shot.

I love red and electric blue together!

Not pictured: Saturday night's party dress, lunches, red wine!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Outfit: Silk Skirt

I really do love this skirt. I should wear it more often. It has a matching blouse somewhere around the place...

Interior decorating

Cute armchair. Source unknown.

While I don't claim to know anything about decorating or have my own style developed, I am looking forward to moving out later this year with the manfriend and creating our own home!

Essentials: Bookshelves and wardrobe space. Got my priorities sorted.

Daily Outfit: Layer up

Wasn't too sure about the layering of this dress but it survived the day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Outfit: Rushing out the door...

If I'm wearing pants it's fairly good odds that I'm wearing a last-minute outfit.

My very own odometer party

Inspired by Triple J breakfast radio, I checked out my own odometer and saw it tick over this evening to...

Brand new car and it's already done its first thousand kilometres. Cute!

Daily Outfit: Rainy day

Rain calls for cheery colours.

Sincere apologies for the mediocre inside shots.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daily Outfit: Look good in leather

The manfriend dissuaded me from wearing a leather skirt to school the other day but I figured a leather belt couldn't hurt...

Daily Outfit: Waving to Sound

Festival attire for a sunny Saturday.

Haven't worn these "Reebok" boxing boots I picked up in a Paris fleamarket for years!

Cactii cats

Fun artwork by Stephen Eichhorn.

See more of his work here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Outfit: Fringe Fun

Weekend play at the Garden of Unearthly Delights in my new tuxedo jacket.

I am psyched that I can now create a Mickey Mouse outfit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daily Outfit: Friday

Aren't Fridays the bestest?

Daily Outfit: Thursday

Ruffle ruffle, toil and trouble.

Daily Outfit: Wednesday

Beautiful sunny weather lately.

Daily Outfit: Tuesday

Something... a little different.

Sink the Seine

All over the Tumblr shop. Original photograph by Melvin Sokolsky.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daily Outfit: Monday

Holy spaghetti! I have so many outfit shots for you. Enjoy!

Wednesday Wrap-up

Howdy blogiverse!

Did you guys notice there was no Wrap-up last week? I was exhausted by a long, long work week and couldn't summon the juices. But here I am this week!

Manfriend makes amazing wraps! Tee hee.

I've started putting music on while I do my marking after school in the office when I'm the last one left. It's great!

It's reminded me how much I love this band. Second year uni, heavy rotation.

I've had two great, music-filled weekends in a row. Week before last was a fringe date with teaching friends and then metalhead Soundwave festival on the Saturday. Iron Maiden! Slayer! Queens of the Stone Age! Gang of Four!

Adam Page rocking out at Womad

Changed the vibe a little with last weekend (with a bonus public holiday!) being the hippy fest that is WOMAD. Such a beautiful atmosphere. Like a little holiday from school where I could walk barefoot, drink sparkling burgundy and relax to good tunes. Bliss.

Having a much happier week at work - far less stress even though I have reports to write. All of the actual marking is done so as long as I stay on top of things it all will be ok. Injecting my quirky humour into science classes, whether the students like it or not. I even managed to squeeze in a clip from The Mighty Boosh today! They loved it.

Most delicious cheese and wine for manfriend's birthday yesterday. We're planning another holiday!

Really need to keep reading Gatsby. So tired at the moment though! Glass of wine before bed? Don't mind if I do... it's nearly the weekend, after all.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Daily Outfit: Mexican style

What better night to celebrate a birthday with Mexican feasting than a Sunday?

Not a themed outfit but I liked it anyway.

I love my family get-togethers.

Daily Outfit: Sunday Lunch

Slightly too short to wear with the in-laws but I popped it on anyway....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bedside reading

The pile of books next to my bed for some light bedside reading:

True story.

What has happened to my life?!

Daily Outfit: Dinner Date

Met up with some old school friends for dinner. Delightful!

What do you think about my crazy dress? Trying something different.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daily Outfit: Friday I'm in Love

The end of the working week. Phew!

PS. These "Daily Outfit"s are a week old.... hmm.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cat pause

I looked at my watch and found I was still at work at 7pm. Oh no.

Source, kind of. Found somewhere on tumblr.

Daily Outfit: On the Fringe

Headed out and about on my bicycle to see my friend's Fringe show. Hurrah!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Outfit: Hot hot day

A hot day calls for a little dress.

The students liked my blue shoes.
Sorry I've been wearing this dress a bit lately.

Daily Outfit: Poppies

Trialling this jacket again at school.