Sunday, September 23, 2012

Watch this Space is afoot!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily Outfit: Work Week Stylez

To be honest I haven't been taking many outfit photos - what with moving house, long hours at work and trimming down my wardrobe.

Sheesh, I've just realised how unhappy I look in all these snaps! Never fear, chipper Sequin Cat is here!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Daily Outfit: Top Gun

I did just mention that I'd been flying lately, so I'd better not leave you hanging (teehee!)

Pretty amazing plane.

Twas pretty breezy up there! Great day out.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In 26 years

Last weekend I turned 26 (getting scary?!) and thought I'd reflect briefly on the adventures I've had in my 26th year.

In September 2011, I moved out of home and into a cute house in the city with my manfriend. To bookend my 26th year, I've just moved out of there.

I spent all of October wearing frocks.

Zipped over to Brisbane in November for Harvest Festival. Cray busy month (the way I mostly like it!). My sister got married over in Perth and the whole family ventured over. It was so much fun.

December and January brought reflection on getting older and a trip to Vietnam!

I welcomed my second year of teaching in February, and got stuck into teaching year 12s for the first time. What a learning curve. I was also pretty diligent in tracking my outfits (sadly dropped off.. soz).

Mad March was super musical (Womad! Duran Duran! Elbow! My own gigs!) and Easter brought a second place in National Band Championships.

My darling friends got hitched in April and the whole gang was invited.

This year has been hard. There have been a lot of times where I was all work, and no play. Late nights and seasonal blues wore away my confidence and I was having to work really hard at my own happiness. My friends were forgiving in my absence but after two years, my relationship came to an end in June.

These last two months I've been trying to fill my time with good things, all the while focussing on my work. I saw Flight of the Conchords, shared wine and food with friends, kept up with band commitments, cameod in my school musical, went to CD launches, organised dinners, headed down to a holiday house, went FLYING (!!!), held on for dear life on the back of a motorbike, went on big (push)bike rides, played a whole lot of music, emptied out my rental house, travelled to Sydney, saw the French play, had a fancy dinner and experienced the ASO, went to the movies with friends, welcomed my sister over for my birthday weekend. Amongst other things.

I'm knackered! I'm happy! I am ready for this next chapter!

Daily Outfit: Radio Silence

Wow! Things have been quiet round here lately. I'm not sure if I've shared my life news already.... what I'm working towards. Suffice to say, blogging hasn't been top priority. Also, work has been kicking my butt. Hello, holidays!

Some fun, colourful work attire for your blog reader:

Starting things off conservatively on a Monday.

Sometimes I can be completely ridiculous. What I love about wearing Minnie Mouse ears to school is that people didn't really bat an eyelid...

and sometimes I can wear a migraine-load of brights.