Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daily Outfit: Work Week the Third

Goodness me oh my. I owe you two weeks' worth of happy snaps. Let's see if we can't play catch up?!

Serious Monday.

Red love hearts for Valentines day!

Did you do anything special? We went to the cricket!

It's been scorching hot in Adelaide as of late. Thank goodness for easy breezy dresses!

Trying out my new ASOS skirt. Love!

Sweaty but happy to see the end of the week. Love the cherry necklace.

Daily Outfit: Face the Sun

Weekend outfit shots are getting increasingly rare as I spend my free time riding around with friends and playing music. We've been entertaining a lot at home lately too, and I can hardly interrupt our game of Star Wars Monopoly with a "Sorry everyone, but would you mind taking my outfit shot?"

 No idea how other bloggers do it (find time to take photos, let alone scout out interesting locations!) I've been mixing up my backyard poses. I do hope you appreciate.

Wore this on a cool Sunday for dumplings and girlfriend times in Chinatown. I hate having cold legs.

Nothing revolutionary. I may have... struggled to remain upright that day! Good times.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A life in Colour

Seems I haven't done a wear color (!) post for quite some time.

Then again, seems I haven't blogged in quite some time. Does that happen to you too? Best intentions and all that? At the end of a long day, once you've cooked dinner, exercised and done any of your other commitments (band, orchestra, appointments etc) there's no time left for blog reading, let alone blog writing?

Maybe I should blog more over the weekend and line up posts for the week. What do you think?

Anyway. Enough talk talk On with the pictures!

Common theme, it seems? Lots of red and sculptural shapes. Hope you enjoyed my selection!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress Memory

I was discussing with my friends during dumpling lunch the other day the emotional bonds we feel to our clothes. How we remember what we wore to that party. How much our first op-shop purchase was. Where we got our favourite stockings/necklace/purse/dress.

One friend can't remember anything about her clothes. The other could remember where she purchased every item (we tested by pointing to even the smallest accessory on her at the time).

Taking this a step further is Melbourne author Lorelai Vashti, who documents her relations and adventures with clothing on website Dress, Memory. Accompanying each stylised kitsch photograph is a story of just what that garment means to her. Her prose and honest description of the sentimental attachment she has to her clothes is touching, revelatory, and indeed, familiar.

Well worth a flick through her 24 stories/dresses/moments in time.

If your clothes could speak, I wonder what they would say?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daily Outfit: Another week at work

It'll be autumn before we know it!

Another "choice" selection of outfits from the working week.

Weary on a Wednesday!


Finishing the week with some colour.

Hope you're all having most excellent weeks.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're floating in space

Seriously beautiful.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daily Outfit: My week at work

Rather than individual posts, I thought I'd summarise last week's teaching attire by putting all photos into the one post. Week one down, only nine to go....

That big grin is because students hadn't gone back yet... 

Still grinning. Hmm. Seriously attired. 

Yep, smile definitely fading...

...and, gone.

I survived the first week! This little badge has a cat's face on it and says "meow meow meow".

Bit of a monochrome vibe to start off the school year! I want people to take me seriously... at least in the first week. I'm sure regular (colourful!) programming will resume soon.

Is anybody else feeling a bit of a clothing rut right now? Maybe it's time to host another clothes swap. Ladies?!

Daily Outfit: You're my cherry bomb

Market lunch and shopping last weekend! So, so hot. I love summer time.

Sunday Stumble

I've only just added the StumbleUpon app to my phone (I'm behind the times, I know), and am enjoying passing a few quiet moments first thing in the day, cup of green tea at my side browsing through my current interests.

Here's a selection of the things I've "liked" this week. Warning, there's a lot of cat pictures.

A few quick reasons why cats are awesome (like you needed convincing...)

Penguins wearing jumpers (old article. Told you I was behind the times.)

Bookshop cats!

A week's worth of delicious vegetarian recipes!

Resilient mountain cat.

Grow your own crispy, crunchy lentil sprouts!

Individual vegetable lasagnas. How rad are these?!

Rock/wall-climbing cat.

Magical, mysterious bookworlds.

There's nothing I like better than a good kitten cuddle, particularly when it involves a ginger.

Have you "stumbled upon" anything exciting lately? Should I be using pinterest and have just confirmed your suspicions about how uncool I am?!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just a Minute in January

Oh, goodness. Can you believe I haven't done one of these since July? (yes.)

 Not a photo from the internet! These hands, my friends.

Reading... plenty, on the road and now back at home. Notes on a Scandal, Zoe Heller; The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen; Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Alborn; A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, Marina Lewycka; The Family Law, Benjamin Law; Hotel World, Ali Smith; and finally, The Little Prince (couldn't find it in original French, sad face), Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Also trying to keep up with my blogreader and multiple magazines! It's a big job.

Listening... to Lord of The Rings audiobook on long bus trips through Vietnam.

Wishing... the summer holidays didn't have to end! Life's tough...

Watching... Never Let Me Go, trashy films on the plane home.

Buying... so much food in Vietnam. Duty-free hooch!

Wanting... new bedsheets, a mop, a mixing bowl... not changed much since Christmas!

Missing... My friends in Melbourne. Cats....

Cooking... Thai three mushroom tart. Yum! Manfriend cooked an amazing dahl the other night.

Making... sense of my fashion folder - trying to moodboard for the new seasons.

Loving... you! How are you?