Friday, September 19, 2014

Daily Outfit: Working 8-6

New job means dressing professional again! No more swanning around the world with a backpack, handwashing my delicates and borrowing clothes.

(Obviously I started work back in January/February. Told you the blogging thing was overdue!)

 photo IMG_2679.jpg

 photo IMG_2678.jpg

 photo IMG_2677.jpg

 photo IMG_2676.jpg

 photo IMG_2670.jpg

 photo IMG_2669.jpg

 photo IMG_2667-Version2.jpg
Cat friend to the rescue!

Which look is your favourite? So much red!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Daily Outfit: An Aussie Summer

Pre spontaneous jaunt to Thailand, the Viking visited for a few weeks and we did all the tourist things. It was the best!

 photo 10748_10151934039234226_366736400_n.jpg
Making new friends.

 photo 1476432_10152056184209226_485365043_n.jpg
Melbourne "summer" in Federation Square.

I loved the helicopter flight over the "12" Apostles - the whole touring of Great Ocean Road was magnificent! We also saw the Boxing Day test in Melbourne, stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Collins st, went to Moonlight Cinema, Botanic Gardens, Chinatown... being a tourist in your own town/country is rewarding!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daily Outfit: Put a bird on it

When in doubt what to wear when dressing up (regardless of the occasion!), putting a sparkly bird in my hair always seems to cheer me up.

 photo 1433.jpg

 photo 1434.jpg

 photo 1435-Version2.jpg

Monday, September 15, 2014

Daily Outfit: Backpacking in Thailand

Sequin Cat makes no secret of her love of travel.

Mere months elapsed between returning home from another sabbatical and feeling the urge to explore once more. With Asia (relatively) accessible from Adelaide, I headed off for a brief but adventure-filled spontaneous ten days in Thailand, right before starting a new job.

Want to see what I wore? Let's go!

Pensive after a hard day's island-hopping and snorkelling.

SO relaxed. Chicken island!

Cooling off with a swim.

Enjoying the awesome rock-climbing at Raileh!

Getting spooked at an abandoned resort.

The beauty of massive banyan trees a short bike ride outside Phi Mai.

Ah, Thai buses. We stopped in a RANDOM (even for me!) town.

Gaiters for safety from biting critters pre hiking in Khao Yai National Park.

Riding along after a quick dip in a waterhole.

Just casually holding a whip snake. "Oh, so it's not venomous?" "Yes, yes, very dangerous"

I buy most of these clothes from op shops before I leave, and, having formed no emotional attachments to these functional garments have no qualms about returning them from whence they came!

What do you like to wear when travelling in warm climes? I'll share with you my Turkey attire soon!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Daily Outfit: Sequin Cat's Cat Helper

Think I run this blog on my own?

I rely on many furry friends to make everything happen.

Am I naturally blessed with a shining star above my head?

Little grey girl has always been a big help. Shoes!

Uploading more recent (winter!) outfit shots is a slow process for me, but I have been taking them...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Daily Outfit: Warm weather wear

I'm just going to post some outfits from last summer, back when it was warm, oh, 8 months ago? I miss that sunshine.

Sequinned hotpants are appropriate for a first birthday party, right?

Cats enhance every photo shoot.

(In case you needed more proof about the power of kitties)

Time to write a summer style manifesto? Turns out I'll be away again for most of it! Ah, paid holiday in France for Christmas...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Leave of Absence

It's been quite some time, my friends.

It feels like the longer I leave it between posts, the harder it is to finally put fingers to keys and send off this hello into the ether(net).

But here we are, hello!

I turned 28 yesterday (!!) and it caused me to reflect a little on the nature of time, and how the years seem to whizz by us. As a teacher, I usually find my time measured out by the number of weeks in a school term and the routine of the school day. 

It's important to find and create your own rituals to celebrate the rhythms of life.

I went to Turkey in July. A great way to spend three weeks!

I hope that during my absence you have been making the most of your days, marking the seasons and setting goals for the future. I look forward to hearing all about them.