Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

What a wonderfully busy week!

Where to start? After drunkenly hurting my knee, I had a week full of doctor's appointments. I went to the medical clinic at Uni four times! I bet they're sick of my face.

You know what else my week was full of? Partying! I had a hankering for a cool ale on a warm Thursday night, and things didn't really stop from there. I'm so pleased to be staying home tonight!

Coopers Ale House (scene of Thursday night salsa and beef and burgundy club meetings)

Friday was busy busy busy. Saturday was the excitement of the state election, healthy bike rides, tutoring and some more partying. Northern Lights! Divine. Sunday? Vintage fair, library, my sister arriving, Massive Attack concert.

Vintage fair at Burnside Ballroom

That leaves us with Monday: hanging with my sister, doing my readings, nurse's appointment, tutoring, 3D radio Hillbilly Hoot (yes!) and the Grace Emily for a going away. Tuesday was uni, napping, Virgin Suicides and dinner with the fam.

Hillbilly Hoot at Stepney

I got up and sang!

Delicious dinner. Pea risotto (!!)

But wait, there's more: things coming together, satisfying phone calls, cold beer and tasty mojitos, French conversation, reading good books, business lunch and office visits, hazelnut chocolate, danceathons, meeting new people, spinach dumplings, feathered headress, free champagne, playing songs on the jukebox, catching buses, hanging out with my dad, spending time with friends.

Amongst all this fun? Full-time uni. No wonder I'm feeling a little stressed out...

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