Friday, March 12, 2010

Daily Outfit: Womad one

If you hadn't figured it out yet, I spent most of (all of) last weekend chilling at WOMAD.

Practical outfit for variable weather? Yes please.

I put this jacket on when the evening chill set in and it was like wrapping myself up in a sleeping bag. Mmm.

Also, very exciting! Sequin Cat in... pants(ish)!


  1. I want the heart brooch... but not with a G, obviously. Well maybe.

    Nice pantaloons.

  2. The heart brooch IS pretty sweet. G can be for girl if you like?

  3. wow that brooch is a-mazing! who ever made that for you obviously loves you and is a crafty creative wench ;)

  4. People do often have trouble telling my gender... I think you may have hit on a great/practical fashion idea!

    No more awkward stares in the ladies' toilet... it's perfect.

  5. @Ruby: Yep, she's a lovely gal!

    @Patsy: Just don't wear the blue brooch with B on it.