Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a minute in February

Reading... short stories, bus timetables, plane tickets, goodbye letters.

Listening... to boarding calls, my aunts' laughter, friendly bands.

Watching... Weeds season one, the weather out the window (snow to heatwave!), band rehearsal, many movies.

Buying... stamps in Paris, secondhand books, iceblocks, cool drinks, material for Uni.

Wanting... to be here but also there.

Cooking.... not a thing! Eating out lots (hrmm).

Making... an easy return into Australian life, saying farewell to France.

Loving... my family, friends and cat. Motivation to succeed at Uni.

Post a link to your Just a Minute if you've also written a summary of the month that was.

Pile of Post

Who doesn't like receiving mail? However, after a year's absence, things had really started to pile up...

It was a solid afternoon's work.

A sneak peek into my bedroom

While I spent the year playing at Eurodisney and partying in New York, my parents were hard at work ripping apart the front verandah, tearing up old carpet, furiously polishing floorboards and renovating my bedroom. I came home to this:

I am beyond thrilled. The colour of the walls is the perfect shade of apple mint green.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daily Outfit: The Return Home

Finally, after nearly a year, back in Adelaide.

It feels good to be home.


What's this we see here?

Let's get a little closer, shall we?

Oh, I see what you're doing there.

Kitties totally busted.

My friends' cats, Mickey and Cherry, are totally adorable. And best buds (now).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Culture Vulture: Ron Mueck in Melbourne

Last weekend my bestie and I were up early on a Sunday to check out the Ron Mueck special exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

A sculptor with a distinctive hyperrealist style, Mueck was born in Australia but is now based in the UK. His artistic career took off after he contributed some small pieces to his mother-in-law's exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. One of his most famous works, Dead Dad, is currently on display in Melbourne amongst a fine selection of his other sculptures.

Mueck's faithful reproduction of the details on his generally human sculptures leaves a lasting, haunting impression on the viewer. Personally, I was floored. What do you think?

Dead Dad, 1996-97

A Girl, 2006

Wild Man, 2005

Isn't the detail amazing?

Woman with Sticks, 2008

Two Women, 2005

Man in a Boat, 2002

Still Life, 2009

Mask II, 2001-02

Drift, 2009

The exhibition is open until 18 April 2010 at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Dudes! E.P.I.C. week. Here we go:

Arrived in Melbourne last Wednesday night and was chauffeured to my best friend's house. Meeting of pets and mates preceded a delicious sleep. Thursday brought picnicking and exploring of the city. Friday, I polished off my book and we made preparations for the ultimate barbecue whilst enjoying the Summer heat.

Mood lighting

Caturday? Brunswick brunch with lovely ladies. Then back to bed for catnaps and reading the afternoon away. Sometimes there's nothing like chewing the fat with your lady friend in your knicker pants.

I don't do second takes.

We got up early on Sunday and took a tram to the art gallery to see a special exhibition. Then it was rush rush rush back home to pick up my bags, a sick passenger, and onwards to the airport. Finally, I was heading home....

I tried not to cry when I spotted Mom and Dad holding flowers at the airport. Tears of joy, of course. Mom had decorated the whole house for my return, and I finally was able to see my renovated room: it's gorgeous.

We invited friends and family round for afternoon tea on a gloriously sunny Sunday. Bliss.

Since then? Getting things done (sorting out uni, buying books, applying for a police check, making phone calls, unpacking)! Being the perfect granddaughter (afternoon tea on Tuesday with a three hour round trip, watching the other grandma play ten-pin bowls this morning and bringing doughnuts for morning tea)! Seeing friends (night out on Tuesday, headed back to concert band tonight)! Keeping in communication with my friends overseas! Reading! Job interview! Riding my bike! So much to do before uni goes back next week. I'm pretty excited.

Daily Outfit: BBQ at a friend's house

Is there any better way to say 'welcome home' than hosting a barbecue?

Fantastically Aussie Friday night: friends, beer, barbecue. After the conversation died away my mate and I walked to the pub in thongs holding iceblocks and scammed ourselves a free jug.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: Southern Hemisphere Summer

How to beat jetlag? Get up early for a delicious breakfast with your best friend in Melbourne, picnic in the park, head to the art gallery and a walk around the city, take the dog for a jog and go out for Thai. Great day.

Oh, who's a handsome dog??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Bonjour! Am I still allowed to speak French despite being back in Australia?!?

What an epic week... shopping in Paris, dining at my friend's creperie, last day out at Disneyland, two leaving parties, a visit to the Louvre, packing and wrapping up my life in France, one last date (home cooked French cuisine, champagne and an epic cheese platter) and then 27.5 hours spent in transit.

Now I'm in Melbourne and it's amazing! Hope you all have sunny, divine weeks.

Welcome home, Sequincat.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

See you!

This is me saying au revoir but not adieu to Paris after ten(ish) happy months.

Photo taken during last day of fun at Eurodisney!

Ladies, gentlemen... it's been a pleasure. This post will be hitting your screens as I'm flying somewhere between Paris and Melbourne. I'm going to miss France.

But! I get to see my friends and family after a long absence, pat my cat, ride my bike in the sunshine and enjoy Australian life.

A dear friend wrote me a lovely note to help me assimilate back into Australian life. She urges me to "channel the joie de vivre that (I) epitomised during the last year", keep travelling, and keep indulging in delicious food and wine. I think I just might.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily Outfit: Valentine's day

Romance, what's that?

I spent the 14th getting lost in the Louvre with a friend.

Heart tights!

Yet another really gorgeous day.

Daily Outfit: Going away drinks

Saturday night drinks to say goodbye to the troupe.

Daily Outfit: Perfect day in Paris

What to wear for your perfect day?

The obligatory coat

A sequinned cardigan

More shiny layers.

Recipe for a Perfect Parisian Winter's day

Go for a walk on a beautifully sunny and crisp day.

Visit a wonderful museum for free.

Enjoy the beautiful artwork on display (and some white wine at lunch!)

Catch the metro to your friend's incredible new apartment for afternoon tea.

Delight in warm, homemade banana walnut muffins and fresh flowers.

Go home in the fading light and think about how lucky you are.