Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daily Outfit: Running late

Still madly rushing about! I'm finding it hard to adjust to the Uni routine once more. That coupled with late-night assignmenting, cold mornings and a highly tempting snooze button....

I try to look my best for my faithful fans.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Daily Outfit: Still hurrying about

Hardly time to eat!

I've noticed from the way I'm dressing that I'm looking forward to winter ending. Even though I seemed to have not minded the cold as much this year (perhaps due to a fuzzy cat on my lap?), my skirts and short sleeves indicate a yearning for the sun to shine. Let's hope we can squeeze in a little more clever layering before the mercury rises once more?

Daily Outfit: In a Rush

Here's my version of a lazy-day outfit for those 9am starts.

Daily Outfit: Back to Uni

I don't look too impressed, do I?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Outfit: Wine with Swans

Sunny Sundays are best spent touring vineyards.

And drinking micro-brewery beer!
Ooh dear. Watch out for that stubbly chin.

Check out where my rock lobster crawled to!

It was such a treat to be in short sleeves in the sunshine. When I returned back to Adelaide that night it was jacket on.

Daily Outfit: Winter Festival

Great weekend in Perth listening to some fun bands.

A cold day calls for layering.

Waiting for The Strokes. Teenage-era goodness!

Wednesday Wrap-up

Oh Dear. I'm very, very tired after staying up late working on an assignment. But I thought I'd better drop a line after last week's poor effort. Sorry about that, once again.

So, the story for this week? I went back to Uni on Monday. I was excited about it; now, not so much. None of my lectures have managed to engage me thus far. I'm crossing my fingers but not holding my breath, if you know what I mean.

But why talk about education when there are more exciting things at hand? After sneaking into the city after band for some red wine and novel reading (novel novel reading?) last Wednesday night I had a most productive Thursday. Followed by an excellent Thursday eve. Yippee!

The manfriend dropped me at the airport Friday morning (bless) for yet another of my little trips interstate. This time, Perth, to visit my new nephew. Amongst some seriously good grub, I rocked along to.......

I got to see Band of Horses (again!) and The Strokes, whom I haven't seen since BigDayOut way back when. Excellent day and night with my sister and her partner (despite some youngfolk in the crowd who haven't yet figured out what kosher festival behaviour is).

Lying in (a fold-out) bed on Friday night, I thought about having a break from drinking for a week. Not that it's a major problem for me, but I just thought it'd be a reasonable thing to do (the winter red wine intake has been quite substantial...) Unfortunately those thoughts didn't last as it was a pub lunch on Saturday and touring wineries in the Swan Valley on Sunday. Tee hee! And of course I wouldn't say no to wine with my meal on the plane home. Thanks, QANTAS!

So that's about it for me. Back to Uni. Grumble. Back to using my diary, making lists, staying in to study. Getting organised feels good though.

Oh, and I saw this band last night.

Rock n' Roll.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Outfit: This is Love

I travelled to Perth on Friday to visit my nephew.

I love him to bits but I ended up being ridiculously allergic. Oh dear!

Daily Outfit: Great Salt Lake

Last Thursday night I had the great pleasure of watching Band of Horses play in Adelaide.

Delicious dinner pre-concert too!

And the perfect post-show come down: red wine and midnight watching of the Tour de France

Monday, July 26, 2010

Booky Wook

I talk about reading now and again on the blog. Have I mentioned before that I'd like to cruise through (at least) 52 books in 2010? So far I'm up to 31 without much effort so I think I'll be able to pull through.

My reading tastes vary. Here's what I've read this month:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Not a discerning reader, you might say? I'd beg to disagree.

Celebrating the month of France, I'm currently pedalling my way through this:


and loving it!

And finally, my man friend likes to read this book to me when it's cold outside:


What are you all reading this winter?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daily Outfit: Band Cosiness

Golly Wednesday night felt cold! I had a rehearsal with my band scheduled so I searched for the cosiest fabrics I could find (wool and fauxfur) and headed into the night.

Apologies for the hasty snap taken in the bathroom of the Exeter.

As if a faux-fur cropped jacket wasn't obnoxious enough, I felt the need to add a corsage the size of my face.

Headed to the pub after for some cozy red drinking and reading of The Hobbit.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daily Outfit: Chinese Feast

Dinner on Gouger to celebrate it being Tuesday.

Thoughts on this dress? It's not my usual shape. Unsure.

Daily Outfit: Back to the Cold

After a wonderful time away, it was back to Adelaide and its frosty nights.

The boyfriend cooked a delicious leek and potato soup. Yum!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: Darwin Special

Oh, how I love dressing to a theme.

Remember back in April how I dressed "Easter" during a little holiday in Perth over the break?

I decided I wanted to achieve similar greatness during my summer(winter) holiday to Darwin. My excellent boyfriend suggested "Safari" for this trip's theme. Leopard print it is!

As is my tendency to pack at the last minute, I felt a little apprehensive about how this one would pan out. Thankfully, my carry-on provided!

I decided to wear my grandma's bangles every day. They made a glorious clinking sound when they knocked together!


Outfit 1: Darwin/Vegas for the plane and a blast of hot air upon arrival. Delicious.

So happy to be in the heat!

Outfit 2: Walking the city and visiting the museum. Changed into heels for a night out

How massive is my bed?!

Outfit 3: Swimming with crocs at Litchfield National Park. Pre-swim


Outfit 5: Dinner at a Greek Taverna

My meal was delicious, despite my facial expression suggesting otherwise.

Outfit 6: Reluctant to head home amongst such blue skies.

Et voilà! We've already started planning next year's trip...

Badvertising 2

Flicking through a magazine yesterday I came across this ad for a new Revlon eyeshadow.

Am I the only one to think this looks terrible?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Bastille Day

Vive la France!

Black and Bluniverse

I have bruises all over my legs after swimming in rockpools in Darwin.

Thursday Wrap-up... what?!

I was looking through my diary last night trying to figure out just what I've been up to over the past (two) week(s). It took a bit of decrypting ("Made meatloaf"?), and there are a few lost days, but otherwise I seem to recall my time being spent going on dates and of course my cheeky "summer" break.

Let's dotpoint all the fun-times, shall we? Yes, we shall.
  • Doing the timewarp and inducting the boyfriend into the cult of Rocky Horror (costumes, props and themed food!)

  • A ridiculously excellent Friday night feasting with the girlfriends followed by wine consumption and hilarious brat chats

  • Cheap drinks

  • Steering by Stars CD launch - supreme!

  • Catching up with old friends

  • Fantastic Sunday night dinner date

  • Cycling in cold winter air

Midnight double feature drinking game!
  • Reading up a storm: shall we talk books, friends?

  • Cooking for family dinner (I'm rarely home these days)

  • Making progress (read: a start) on assignments

  • Red wine on a chilly evening with an old friend

  • Conversation with super-inspiring people (looking at you, Coco)

  • Red wine (I'm seeing a theme..) and crêpes on Bastille Day


Summer holiday in winter! We headed up there early Thursday morning. I failed to appreciate the business class upgrade as I slept the whole way (business class on the way home was another story, however. My father encouraged me to get "shite-ed". Hmm.)

The warmth! The food! The sunsets! The swimming! The trees!
Just what I needed after a taxing five weeks of holidays....

Too many good times so I may just have to share them with you in another post.

and to finish us off

  • Being cooked for! Doesn't get old

  • Warm sleep-ins on chilly days

  • Assignment discipline (amongst much complaining)

  • Spending time outside under the crisp winter sun

  • Supremely salty yet tasty Chinese dining

  • Watching new films

  • Playing more challenging music at band

  • Fun taxi and bus drivers

Phew! We made it. I'm jet-setting again this weekend before heading back to Uni on Monday. No grumbles from me as I'm really looking forward to a new semester. Plus, come November I'll be on eternal holidays. Again.

Apologies for the missive. Have wonderful weeks. Achieve lots!