Monday, July 30, 2012

The last three

Books I've read: 
  1. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, Vicki Myron (Sweet, but did make me feel like even more of a crazy cat lady).
  2. Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomerey (Charming! Reminded me to notice the beauty of the world around me - such as at the Waterhouse exhibition I visited at the weekend).
  3. The Fault in Our Stars, John Green (Really liked this. Moving but not saccharine).

Movies I've watched:
PalaceNova just has not been delivering lately!
  1. Return to Oz (which I posted about here).
  2. Catch me if you Can (admittedly I've only made it through half before I needed to go to bed, but that's not a reflection of the quality of film!)
  3. The September Issue (yep, just a few years too late).

CDs I've listened to:
  1. Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope (a friend recently reminded me that I went to her concert a few years back).
  2. The Shins, Port of Morrow (my sister included this on a mix-cd she kindly sent over last week to cheer me up).
  3. Metric, Fantasies (I'm really looking forward to listening to their latest album! I had this on constant rotation when I was living in Paris).

Dishes I've created and consumed:
  1. Aforementioned sweet potato and eggplant green curry (yum!)
  2. Broccoli and spinach omelette for decadent brunch!
  3. The most incredible pumpkin, spinach and ricotta lasagna. My goodness.

What's been shaping your world lately? Reviews/recommendations/recipes to share?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Winter Weekend

Hello! Hope you've had a nice one.

  • plowed through a pile of marking in red pen while drinking red wine with a friend
  • bought tickets to Sydney
  • listened to my latest concert band music in preparation for upcoming concerts and competition
  • jumped out of bed early to get to the farmers' market
  • spent the afternoon rehearsing my high school's musical (which opens tomorrow! Eek!)
  • sat down with my calendar and the Olympics on in the background and planned my next two months

By any estimation, I call it a successful weekend. All the while recovering from a sniffly cold and a bit of heartbreak. Hope you've also had a most marvellous one!

Daily Outfit: One Week at Work

Compendium of workweek outfits. Funzies!

Late on a Monday

Earlier on a Tuesday after meeting with some parents.

Obligatory jumping shot.

Layered up on a Wednesday.

Love me some leopard print Thursday!

Finally, holidays! Sequin jacket! Tired eyes! Phew, we made it.

Daily Outfit: Prom Night

A few weekends ago I put my hand up to supervise the year 12 formal. The students were surprisingly well behaved (how pleasant!). It reminded me however, of just how dull these things are. Lining up for hours to take photos. Eating a mediocre meal. Awkwardly dancing in the middle of the room. Saying how nice everybody looks.

I am constantly reminded of how great it is to be an adult, and able to do as I please. This was one such occasion.

Still, it was nice to see my homeroom students all dressed up, and have photos with my physics students. Was glad to be in bed by 11!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daily Outfit: The Red Week

Sure, most weeks are red weeks over here at Sequin Cat HQ, but these two (workwear) outfits feature my favourite colour heavily! Love the contrast red makes with the blue sky.


Somewhat 80s Tuesday

And then I'm not sure what happened Wednesday through Friday! I guess we can safely assume that red was worn. Phew.

Daily Outfit: Saturday Adventures

Crispy Saturday adventure wear. Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of being cold?!

Just realised this outfit is somewhat superhero-esque. I'm okay with that.

In my Twenties

I've been discussing this with friends lately. We're all in our twenties. We've been to university. We've worked crappy casual jobs. We've dipped in and out of relationships. We've travelled.

Now what? We seem to all have moved onto the next bit. And that's scary and empowering at the same time! I was reminded of just how far I've come when a young Parisian boy of 16 tried to pick me up today, and I had to tell him that I was 25 and a high school teacher (that I could be his teacher!)

So while I'm not much of a fan of swearing, I've been chuckling away at this blog, where the above image is sourced from. It's surprisingly spot-on, how universal these feelings are.

Where to from here? The latter half of my twenties? I am kind of terrified/exhilarated about my 26th birthday in seven weeks time as it also represents some big changes: finishing up my physics teaching job (for now), packing up my house and moving back to France. *$%! I'm in my twenties indeed.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daily Outfit: Suited.

Velvet and stripes keep me warm and clothed when I can't be bothered conjuring up funoutfits. At least I'm smiling, though!

Daily Outfit: National Velvet

I love how toasty this velvet blazer is keeping me at the moment! Very wise purchase, and one I might just have to pop in the suitcase for France.

Daily Outfit: Casual mix

Mixing spots and stripes (socks!) for school.

Return to Oz: (Unwisely) Rated G

On Monday night I headed over to the family home for a bit of mother-daughter bonding. After a tasty dinner, we set up the couch and a high chair for me so that we could watch the deliciously creepy Disney film, Return to Oz together while I gave mum a head massage.

I've seen this film so many times (almost to recitation stage, which never happens with me and movies) but it was great to watch it with fresh eyes with my mum for company. We admired all the beautiful art nouveau sets, elaborate costumery, gorgeous props all the while enjoying the one-liners and dark themes. Can you believe it's rated G?!

I just love this hall of mirrors

Where Princess Mombi plays her ... sitar?

So creepy.

Oh, so that's where Mombi got those heads

What joy the prop designers must have had sourcing all these "knick knacks" - I love the way the Nome King says this.

Beautiful, turn of the century architecture and light. Reminds me of Main Street USA at Disneyland (Paris!)

Without spoiling anything, I kind of feel (watching it 20 years on) that the Nome King has a point. The references to mining the Earth and taking its resources also made me think of the Lord of The Rings.

"Is that a chicken in there with you?!"

Highly recommended.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daily Outfit: Pink Party

I really will post something other than outfit shots.. one day! So far behind.

Here's something from many moons ago - exam supervision.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily Outfit: Inspector Gidget

I really love my spotted trench for a burst of colour on a cold day!

What lies beneath! Jazz hands...

Daily Outfit: Tired faces

Leopard fun but what a sleepy face! Loving the layering (but hating the chill).

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Daily Outfit: Feeling French

Looking forward to wearing this dress over in France! Even though I should be saving, I can't help stocking up my wardrobe...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily Outfit: Wafflicious.

Leopard print skirt again, this time with a waffle-knit jumper and a touch of red. And some babushkas.

Daily Outfit: Old Japan

I really love this beaded tie belt I got from an op-shop a few weeks back. It has amazing peacock embroidery and various other creatures, and knots at the back with a gold tassel. I thought I'd pair it with my sparkly kimono (love) and a flowing, leopard print skirt. Layering against the winter chill!

Street Smart

Spotted this wonderfully bright editorial in the May edition of Harper's Bazaar AU (I borrow all my magazines from the library, just get them a month or two late!).

Wanted to share the fruity colours and shapes with you all.

Photographs by Tommy Ton. Styling by Joanna Hillman.

Outfit on the left definitely my favourite. So Snow White!

Leather aqua trench. So wrong it's right.

There's a fun little video on the Harper's Bazaar website too!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Outfit: Winter Celebrations

Brrrrrrr.... snuggled up for an excursion to Cleland and then bubbles after school.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daily Outfit: Winter Worship

I feel a bit Florence Welch in this glittery kimono! I love it.

Daily Outfit: Carrot Top

Nothing like a crunchy carrot for an after-school snack!

Daily Outfit: Ca commence

The cold weather hits, the enthusiasm drops, the work gets hard: the outfits suffer.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Capsule Wardrobe

I unexpectedly found myself having to conjure up a capsule wardrobe last week when I stayed at my parents' place for a few nights. All very rushed but I thought it was interesting to note what things I grabbed in my hurry and what stayed at home.

My essentials?
  • Black sequin jacket
  • Gorilla fur vest
  • Red trench coat with white polka dots
  • A kilt
  • Striped tshirts
  • A red bowtie

As you can see, all highly practical stuff....

The last time I had to limit myself to the essentials was when I moved to Paris in 2009. Seems that not much has changed since then!

Suitable for Parisian adventures!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily Outfit: French-inspired

Stripes and red are go-tos when feeling uninspired for a day of work and late-night shopping.

I have so many outfit shots waiting to be shared! This one is from.... four weeks ago (the shame!)