Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Daily Outfit: On your marks...

I feel a bit grid girl in this number.

 photo IMG_2843 - Version 2.jpg

 photo IMG_2842 - Version 2.jpg

Daily Outfit: That red dress

I bought this red number in Porto over NYE 2012, and it has seen me through a lot of travels and challenging work days!

 photo IMG_2838 - Version 2.jpg

Trying to do something different (and warm!) by layering with a lace top.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Daily Outfit: Liquorice stripes

I love this skirt!

 photo IMG_2833.jpg

Daily Outfit: Uncomfortable ballerina

Absolutely not a usual look for me!

But, why not?

 photo IMG_2832.jpg

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Daily Outfit: Cycle style

Hot pink stands out as you cycle the streets!

 photo IMG_2839.jpg

 photo IMG_2841.jpg

Daily Outfit: Recycled looks

Something here looks rather familiar....

 photo IMG_2837 - Version 2.jpg

 photo IMG_2836 - Version 2.jpg

I'm guessing that I changed shoes to something more sensible after work, to attend band practice.

 photo IMG_2835.jpg

 photo IMG_2834 - Version 2.jpg

Heaven forbid I actually repeat an outfit!

What do you think? Different coloured stockings... white shirt... uh oh....

Daily Outfit: Science Fiction...

Double Feature!

Dressing up for Rocky Horror. Yay!

 photo 1608.jpg

Daily Outfit: Back to red


Would you like to see photos from last year? No? Please look away now.

I wear red from time to time.

 photo 1675.jpg
Heading out to yard duty...

 photo 1733 - Version 2.jpg
Transition legs!

 photo IMG_2828.jpg
Red roses too!

 photo IMG_2829.jpg

 photo IMG_2831 - Version 2.jpg

 photo IMG_2830.jpg

 photo 1643.jpg

 photo 1619.jpg
This is about as casual as I get.

À la prochaine!