Friday, March 12, 2010

Daily Outfit: Down the rabbit hole

Although the new Alice in Wonderland movie was released last Thursday, I've still not gone to see it. However, the release provided direct inspiration for my outfit, as well as makeup.

Dressing up is fun!

No, I don't look deranged at all.

I'm trying to get all the dressing up "out of my system" at Uni this year, before I have to enter the workforce.


  1. you look so cute! you should add little white gloves to that outfit! i haven't seen the movie either but i'm dying to. johnny depp as a ranga.. my dreams have come true ;) x

    ps. you can be that cool teacher that wears amazing clothes that all the boys have crushes on and all the girls aspire to!

  2. Oh, white gloves are such a good idea! Curses for always being in a hurry getting dressed. Shall we go see the film together?

    I'm having to cobble together my working wardrobe before I go on prac in May. Double eek!