Monday, March 15, 2010

Attention: injuries ahead

I fell over on Saturday night and grazed my knee. How old am I, five? (answer: no.)

I blame the uneven ground at the Garden of Unearthly Delights *sniff* rather than the champagne consumed during a midnight cabaret show.

A group of girls asked me if I was OK. I responded that the only thing hurt was my pride. Moi, the queen of high heels stumbling around in the dirt! Only later did I notice when I inspected the damage (and brushed off some dead grass) that there was a fair bit of blood. Oops. My over-the-knee socks clearly provided little protection.

Just a little warning, there are pictures ahead. Skip now if you're squeamish!

The pain kept me awake last night, but I know that sleep is a big healer, knitting the skin back together.

Maybe I'll even get a scar!


  1. OUCH! you know what you need? your mummy to kiss it better. works a treat srsly.

  2. Yes, yowch. My mummy cleaned it up for me last night and told me that I was a brave girl.