Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

I've spent the past week getting freaked out by uni and then thoroughly relaxing at the wonder that is WOMAD. Four days and nights of bliss (amongst rain storms, reading, homework and an engagement party).

My computer seems to be having a minor meltdown so perhaps the photos will have to wait till tomorrow.

ETA: Photos up!

Happy and relaxed. Life is good.

One of these photos was taken at 5pm, the other at 9pm... which one's which?

Ran into some fabulous friends.

Overall, had a great time.


  1. first pic of your shorts was taken at 9pm, because you can see a shadow of your I can tell its not natural lighting zing! hope that was right.

    those chips look good :)

  2. Correct and correct! I can tell you're a photographer. The chips were delish.