Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reading Review

I know I talk about books a lot, so if you want to stop reading this post here you're more than welcome. I just need to get this off my chest.

I popped into one of my many library haunts last week for a cheeky browse and found myself coming home with this book:

I thought I wanted something light after the heaviness and prose of this number:

Turns out I was smoking crack. I can't stand "chick lit". Why don't I recall this when I'm checking books out of libraries? Although I like varying my reading material, this is going too far. Unfortunately (in this circumstance) I'm a stubborn mule when it comes to books and I have remarkable stamina. Rare is the novel I'll abandon. This means I'm stuck with the silly book until I've made my way through its 300-odd pages. DAMMIT. Another reading quirk is that I'm reluctant to commence another story while I've one on the go. I'm already planning my next piece of literature for some sweet, sweet relief.

Are any of you this stubborn with reading? Once you start you can't stop? Please tell me I'm not alone in this.


  1. I feel annoyed when I return a book I've given up on. It's like...it's not even, man.

    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed Perfume. It was deliciously creepy.

    I read Nanny Diaries and it's okay--I really enjoyed mocking it on my blog b/c I do kind of love to snark chick lit. If you thought Nanny Diaries was bad, though, stay far far away from the sequel. I seriously wanted Nanny to accidentally wander into traffic by the end. (And I still have no clue why the authors couldn't give proper names to their characters!)

  2. Same here. The only one I quit on was Hubbard's "Mission Earth volume 1: The Invaders Plan", and I started only because I was mildly curious about what he was worth as a SciFi writer. Turns out he's also terrible there.

    Also happenned to me once for movies: I never leave the cinema before the end of the movie, even if it sucks. I did it once, and I just can't remember its title. Some SciFi movie involving a unknown planet, a few settlers/explorers, some sort of see-saw robot circling around... Ah well...

  3. @Sadako: Me too! Orgy and cannibalism?! Ok! Let me know if you have any book recommendations... I'm just about poking my eyes out over Nanny Diaries!

    @Xavier: Usually stamina is a good thing! But I chose a really bum book here.