Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daily Outfit: Thursday date

Spent the morning on my bike running errands, visiting the library and op-shopping.

After some homework I headed into the city for a wine and cheese date in the Botanic Gardens.

I looked like this.

I looked at this.


  1. It's a great dress'n'scarf combo.

    But why do you go on so many dates? You should write my blog!

  2. Yay, another Adelaide blogger! I just came over from Andi's lovely blog.
    I like your outfit, a really nice dress. I took a photo of that type of rose bush a couple of months ago when i went to the botanic gardens, so pretty!


  3. @Patsy: I call most appointments "dates". Oh I could contribute many a funny story if you're interested.

    @Rose: Hooray! I love finding other Adeladies. I'll be watching your blog!