Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Wardrobe Challenge!

Hey hey it's here! The Easter Weekend Wardrobe Challenge that I've been blathering on about to all my friends. Apologies to anybody I came across in lectures and out and abouts on Thursday... I wanted to work through my ideas through conversation!

What does it say? "It's a bit of a discordant, schizophrenic wardrobe" "Maybe I could wear hats?" "long white socks?" "Key themes -pastels -metallics -full shapes" "How to draw these strands together?"

So I started thinking about what to wear during the Easter weekend in Perth while I was in lectures on Thursday. I came home for half an hour after uni and started "packing" by throwing items matching my brainstorm into a basket.

Practical travelling clothes...

Unfortunately, Thursday night was a veryyyy late one and Friday morning I woke up with thirty minutes to shower, get dressed and pack. On a normal day this'd be somewhat achievable but on this hungover morning I was seriously struggling.

The challenge was not off to a good start.

What was so hard about this "challenge"? The goal was to dress "Easter" all long weekend. For me, that meant pastels, metallic foils and bulbous egg shapes. A very different look to my usual travelling wardrobe of black, red and stripes. I was exploring new territory of different colours, shapes and novelty approaches to accessorising.

I made it to Perth, however (after an incident-filled flight...) and nice weather held out all weekend. You can be the judge of how well my outfits fit the brief!

Friday flight: rare appearance of Sequin Cat in jeans!

Bunny butt

Hiding in the bushes

Gold bubble skirt and silver heels for Saturday sunshine.

Sunday fun!

Bunny butt is back.

The white socks were a last minute addition (and I'm very pleased I threw them in!)

Sequinned hairpiece (or a mask from Coles....)

Bunny butt returns for Easter Monday picnic in King's Park.

Climbing into position...

I put silly Easter things in my hair

So what's the general consensus? Did I succeed in my mission to "dress Easter" every day of the long weekend? Did you appreciate the furry bunny tail? I'm not sure the people of Perth did...

Big thanks to my photographers over the weekend.


  1. love the bunny butt !!
    and those little chicks in your hair are sooooo cute ! ♥

  2. I love the bright pinks & blues! Especially the first pink top. Making me wish it wasn't raining here!

    If only you had an excuse to wear a bunny tail more often :)

  3. Thanks Kirsty biz biz!

    @Nicola: Glad you like the pastel colourings. It'd be nice to be a bunny all the time! Sometimes I forgot I had it on and was wondering what was rubbing into my sternum...