Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Outfit: Yum cha

Saturday mornings are the perfect time to get into some yum cha in Chinatown. I rode my bike (of course!)

I've been dressing less conservatively than I normally do this week; I think I'm being influenced by all the Rock of Love II I'm watching... oh dear. I'll be putting it away soon.

Yum cha crew!

Hope you all enjoyed the weird weather!


  1. loving the leopard, sequins and the pop of red!
    and an aussie blog always makes my day ;)


  2. Haven't been on here for ages! Love the jewelry you've been sportin' lately. Oh, and Rock of Love... dangerous!

  3. @Stace: I have a definite soft spot for Australian blogs too!

    @Melissa: Welcome back! And thank you.