Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Hooray! It's Wednesday again! Why am I so happy about this? Well I've had a pretty great week all around, I'd say.

Here's where I was at last week.

Since then? Cranking assignments (or at least intending to), riding my bike (through the sun, through the rain, at morning and at night), going on dates (looking at flowers, drinking wine, watching Alice in Wonderland - finally, eating curry, watching QI, eating pancakes), business meetings (where I'm the only one there...), daytime sleeping (the seasons have changed), brunch at the weekend, my cousin's engagement party (!!!), a busy Sunday visiting all around town (my ill grandma, Ruby Chew at a vintage fair, afternoon tea party cider in St Peters and finishing up in Prospect), texting my sister (she gives good advice and is maybe a cat), finishing up Rock of Love II (finally!), anticipation about the future, lovely lunches with lovely ladies and a full day of professional development (phew!)

Et vous?

My constant companion throughout the craziness

I'm quite pleased as I've (finally) had a productive day and worked the bolts out of a couple of (painful, painful) assignments. Yay!

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