Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Pencil Skirt

Due to some hectic scheduling, yesterday was a busy busy day and I took the bus instead of riding my bike. I celebrated the occasion by wiggling into a very tight pencil skirt.

That's one negative of riding my bike on a daily basis: sometimes I don't get to wear what I fancy. All of my skirts need to be cycling-friendly, otherwise I find myself tearing seams.

Anyway. I only realised just how very tight this skirt was when I shimmied my way down to the bus stop in high high heels. Oh dear. I couldn't walk properly. Not ideal for a full day at uni. This again proved problematic during marching practise in the evening (and my heels kept on irrigating the soft soil).

A fellow physicist asked me what the bow tie was in honour of... It's Wednesday, OK?!

So just a word of advice: the tightest pencil skirt + ridiculous heels + stairs + carrying heavy timpani = not a good combination. Thankfully I didn't tumble down the stairs, head over heels. It had its moments though, I tell you.....


  1. But at least you looked fabulous! And there never needs to be a reason to wear a bowtie. =]
    -Andi x