Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

How can it be Wednesday already? I suppose I did spend a good four days over in Perth for Easter. And then we had the last two days of term. Since I've returned I've been in self-imposed exile in order to get the assignments cranking but really I just watch back-to-back episodes of Rock of Love II (so, so bad) and read Jules Verne.

Perth. I kind of want life to be like this, all the time.

I'm still very into mojitos.

Getting into the Easter Wardrobe Challenge.

Picnic in King's Park on Easter Monday. Delicious!

Stunning views.

Great week!


  1. Is Blackebys in Cannington? or near it?

  2. @Rachel Elizabeth: It was a good one!

    @Janelle: No this one is in Adelaide, sorry.

  3. I was hoping you didnt go to the Blackebys in Perth, I've never been in but the clientele are shocking. All bogans and slappers.