Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Working Wardrobe

I'm going on teaching practicum to the country in a few short weeks. Never having had any sort of real job, I was freaking out about not having anything appropriate to wear, and that I'd have to do a whole heap of shopping to find some suitable workwear.

It was only when I started pulling stuff out of the wardrobe that I realised, like any costume, my clothing provides. For any occasion.

1. I think there might be too much there (you think?!?). I'm only away for five weeks...

2. I think I'm also overestimating the classiness of my country school. Apparently the principal wears polo shirts, shorts and sandals on a daily basis. Hmm. Then again, when have I been worried about being the sore thumb?


  1. i can tell youre going to be that cool teacher that all the girls admire/are envious of because all the boys have secret crushes on... :)

  2. I like that Celeste makes a cameo in this photo

  3. Black is always an amazing outfit choice for school - ALWAYS appropriate and with fun accessories and other colours it works so well.

  4. @Ruby: I hope so! I'm trying not to make it all about the fashion but everybody knows it is.

    @Madeline: She was recently in Vogue, actually.

    @Karli: I think I might default to a bit of black.. I don't want to stand out too much with my tomato reds and French blues!