Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

Hello hello hello! How were your respective weeks?

Mine's been a good one, filled with many social outings and not enough study. Wee! This is where I left off.

I've had assignments flying everywhere, thus quite a bit of last-minute work. Yes I should organise my time better.. but I'm having too much fun. So, aside from uni, there's been cycling, dinners out, a visit to the Art Gallery, my sister visiting over the weekend, band practice, a massive music (and fun!)-filled day for ANZAC day on Sunday, the glory of a Regina Spektor concert, a house party, lots of reading, tutoring, organising my prac, naps, thinking about clothes, lunch at the markets, magazines, daytime drinks, receiving parcels....

The new Entertainment Centre Theatre

Regina is made of starlight

By the time I get to Wednesday night I'm so exhausted from a massive day at uni and band practice that I can't remember what mischief I got up to in the preceding week. Hmm.

Sunday night houseparty: speeches on the shed roof.

I don't even know. Who is this guy and why is he wearing my jacket? I kept his iPhone in my purse for security.

This one's for my sister; she likes seeing pictures of the cat on the blog.

Have super, super weeks!


  1. I like that you can recognise him even with demon eyes and a blonde wig. Good sleuthing!