Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daily Outfit: Frocktober Week 4, Finally!

It may be the end of November but we're still mopping up the remains of Frocktober (what a frocktastic month!)

Let's do this.

 photo IMG_2140-Version2_zps167bded8.jpg
Trying to keep warm in this variable spring weather

 photo IMG_2142-Version2_zps3a0c0aff.jpg
Polar bear coat (op shop!) makes me happy

 photo IMG_2146-Version2_zpse6fa9525.jpg
Although I don't look very happy in these photos.

 photo IMG_2148-Version2_zpsf225b62a.jpg
Work work.

 photo IMG_2151-Version2_zps1a489aad.jpg
Testing the nude shoe thing again.

 photo IMG_2153-Version2_zps1d015f30.jpg
Red trench and shiny shoes.

 photo IMG_2165-Version2_zps9cd8a214.jpg
Looking for the cat?

 photo IMG_2160-Version2_zps69a8364c.jpg
Yay, sun!

 photo IMG_2171_zps873bd11c.jpg
Sequinned tuxedo for the Sequin Cat.

 photo IMG_2174-Version2_zps0941c68d.jpg
Leopard legs.

 photo IMG_2177-Version2_zpsc5507d0d.jpg
I'm glad I bought this red dress in Portugal.

 photo IMG_2178_zpsf061e4ac.jpg
Oh, Adelaide blue skies!

 photo IMG_2180_zpse95f9571.jpg
Looking sensible for work.

 photo IMG_5387_zps2a7d32e0.jpg
Dressed up for an evening something (I think!)

 photo IMG_5403_zpsd11ddc84.jpg
Riding bike, up the nose.

 photo IMG_5401_zps4e1f5603.jpg
No hands!

 photo IMG_5405_zpsfce56dd9.jpg
I love my rainbow stallion.

 photo IMG_5410_zpsfe90860c.jpg
Yes, I am embarrassed to be doing a mirror selfie.

 photo IMG_2182_zps73d3b441.jpg
Stripes + velvet military jacket = me.

 photo IMG_2184_zpsf89c00a5.jpg
Wow, I wish I could say I colour corrected this but nope! Adelaide spring sun and intense colour saturation! In other news, I like spots.

 photo IMG_2185-Version2_zps2dd7f222.jpg
Back to cold.

 photo IMG_2186-Version2_zps96dd3afa.jpg
Red is also one of my "things".

 photo IMG_2188-Version2_zpse03471c4.jpg
Liquorice legs.

 photo IMG_2195_zpscbcb401b.jpg
This is it! Last outfit! Wore to school for Halloween and the girls didn't quite get it. We had a fire drill. There is a cat printed on my dress!

 photo IMG_2196_zps4be6db8f.jpg
Witchy legs.

 photo IMG_2192_zpsde56174b.jpg
My lovely friend bought me this amazing dress.

 photo IMG_2191_zps31ce9d16.jpg
Yay! We did it! We survived Frocktober!

Not sure who the "we" refers to (me and my cat?) but I did manage to blitz a whole month of dress display!

I have been making up for weeks of legs on show by enjoying some pant action of late. Those daily outfit photos to come.

Thanks for sticking with me through this challenge. Hope you've enjoyed!

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