Thursday, November 7, 2013

Daily Outfit: London Life

I've been a bit more talkative lately, haven't I? Let's thank/curse No Excuses November for the latest chattiness.

For those who prefer their images to text, this one's for you (and thanks for your patience!)

Somewhat belated, here's London in July 2013:

 photo IMG_1263_zpsfaabb8b6.jpg
Middle of summer, thick black tights.

I'm not usually the biggest London fan, but I definitely appreciated the city more third time round. I got to have all the fun with my parents and friends.

 photo IMG_1270_zps27d49bba.jpg
I realised I had accidentally dressed in American flag colours on July 4th.

 photo IMG_1230_zps3f913cb0.jpg
Styling at the Tate (was streetstyle snapped here!)

 photo IMG_1234_zps7d695eb4.jpg
Drinks and a talk at the Alain de Botton Institute, The School of Life.

 photo IMG_4163_zps88931f56.jpg
Finally some warmth! Edwarde Sharpe, Mumford etc @ Gentlemen of the Road festival.

 photo IMG_4172_zpsf729129d.jpg
Same, dress, bare arms and legs! Sunday cider sesh with friends.

I won't be doing the Aussie expat thing and overstaying my tourist visa, living in a warehouse with nine other foreigners and working a bar job cash in hand. Not the life for me! But I am really glad for my friends who are making London Life (and its gloomy climes) work for them.

(PS. Not looking too bad for someone living out of a backpack, am I?)

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