Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Daily Outfit: Frocktober Week 2, 2013

How did week one's offerings please you? I must admit, doing Frocktober this year after only a few days of being reacquainted with my clothes (I got back from a year overseas right at the end of September) was challenging!

I think I found it easier back in 2011 (You can find the posts here{1}, here{2}, here{3} and here{4})
Sadly, I got rid of a lot of those dresses when I was slimming down my wardrobe in preparation to move to France.
I also think having a set routine (having to dress "appropriately" for work every day) makes it easier.

Bring on Week two!

 photo IMG_2071-Version2_zpsdf092ee1.jpg
This red bag has been seeing a lot of (swinging) action lately.

 photo IMG_2075-Version2_zps8f021d45.jpg
I wish it were hot enough for swimming.

 photo IMG_2074_zps0bef1530.jpg
Yay, hopeful face!
 photo IMG_2072_zps574a6195.jpg
Gotta love swishy skirts.
 photo IMG_2073_zpsb730e318.jpg
Last one, I promise.
 photo IMG_2077-Version2_zps3211e6f0.jpg
Hot and muggy; perfect weather for a lunch date!
 photo IMG_5226_zps11a7f624.jpg
Volunteering at my local op-shop, and trying on some new clothes for work.
 photo IMG_5240_zps616180a2.jpg
Taken with the iPhone, you'll just have to piece these together yourself.
 photo IMG_5241-Version2_zps8fc55b7b.jpg
This dress is lots of fun but is too clingy for work. Fun only!
 photo IMG_5243_zps204d2cac.jpg
Not sure how I feel about "nude"/neutral shoes. Your thoughts?

 photo IMG_2078-Version2_zps8bdb3e51.jpg
I love it when it's so warm, a light cotton dress is all you want.
 photo IMG_2080-Version2_zps5e657c88.jpg
Tell me off if I ever complain about the heat.
 photo IMG_2081_zps9a9e60bc.jpg
Those blue Adelaide skies. Absolutely no colour correcting here. Madness!
 photo IMG_2084_zpsb916645f.jpg
I wear these shoes quite often.

 photo IMG_5263-Version2_zpse27605e0.jpg
A Sunday foodtruck festival!
 photo IMG_5264-Version2_zpsc509a662.jpg
I ended up picking my parents up from the airport wearing this. Surprisingly, they let me through security (but I was "randomly" selected for bomb screening).

And that's a wrap! What a lovely, warm week.

(Not pictured: Saturday night's black lace dress for a movie date and churros with my friend)


  1. I say yes to nude shoes and to that white spring number. I am also a fan of the red dresses. Lovely!