Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunshine and hydrangea!

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I visited my mentor's garden this afternoon (and we discussed today's physics exam!) and the bold spring blooms reminded me of the beautiful hydrangea that I saw across Brittany in July. Known in French as hortensia, they are Bretagne's floral symbol. I wish I had known about this hydrangea walk when I was living in France!

Brittany and Normandy are pretty lovely regions of one pretty lovely country.

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Moody St Malo at dusk.

 photo IMG_4188_zps8df174f3.jpg
Love that early evening sunshine!

 photo IMG_4257_zps05e9f31c.jpg
That pink. Mmm

My visit coincided with the 100th Tour de France passing through the region. I was fortunate enough to see the race twice, but my favourite was when we staked out our picnic spot in front of Mont St Michel and spent the day eating, drinking, and watching those racers whizz by.

 photo IMG_4223_zps75ad45b2.jpg
It reminded me of when I camped here in 2009.

 photo IMG_4219_zpsfa40ba17.jpg
Styling by a haystack.

 photo IMG_4239_zpse0bb7a26.jpg
And what a haystack!

I hope this summer is a warm one so it encourages these gorgeous blooms. Did you know that their colour depends on the pH of the soil?

Another great spot for hydrangea was Halifax, Canada, but that's a trip and a story for another day!

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