Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Facing Fear

I like to think I'm a pretty fearless lady.

Sleeping on random couches? Sure!
Baring all (and I mean, all) at a spa in Cologne? Why not?
Snorkelling in two degree water in Iceland? Yes please.
Skydiving over Prague? Sign me up.

(And that's just the past nine months)

Did I mention this happened?

But I must admit I am feeling kinda scared about going in to hospital today to have my tonsils out.

I know it's a standard procedure, and I only have to be there overnight.

I'm still feeling a bit anxious about it. This is totally understandable! Being rendered unconscious and put under the knife (laser? I'm not sure what will happen) isn't natural. Thank goodness I have a history of good health and have only had the one usual broken arm operation when I was younger.

I just have to breathe deep and not get worked up.

In other news, I was in the pool yesterday (hot weather, finally!) and was cleaning the edge when I squealed in terror and dropped my brush into the water. The large redback spiders I discovered weren't too happy to see me either.
Facing fear.

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