Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recipe for a perfect spring Sunday

  • Cup of self-raising flour to get me out of bed bright and early
  • A bandful of friends
  • Hundreds of happy faces as we march by on parade
  • One wide blue sky
  • Four wheels to chauffeur me in comfort
  • A serving of bibimbap (dolsot, of course!)
  • Multiple city blocks to stretch the legs
  • A hearty crowd for concert#2 of the day
  • Sprinkling of conversation with some Swedes
  • A block of family time on the grass (not that "on the grass")
  • One quick costume change and a regloss of the lips
  • A platter of vegetarian nibbles to graze
  • Two comedians and one friendly crowd

  1. Combine above ingredients in listed order.
  2. Let settle.
  3. Mixture will rest overnight and turn out beautifully tomorrow.

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