Sunday, November 3, 2013

Daily Outfit: Highland Fling

Take out the fling bit.

After a quick visit to Iceland in June, I popped back down to Great Britain to spend some time in the Scottish Highlands. Once again I was happy to still have a bit of cool-weather gear with me!

 photo IMG_1169_zps8a734fe2.jpg
Brief stop at the side of the road for this amazing view.

 photo IMG_1172_zps697f1963.jpg
Happy to be sleeping on a real bed! Loch Linnhe

 photo IMG_1189_zps6d463731.jpg
Busting out the (faux) fur at Neptune's Staircase (Caledonian Canal)

 photo IMG_1207_zps9d758753.jpg
No way I'm taking my spotted trench off at Loch Ness. Brr, that wind!

Travelling with my parents for this leg means that theoretically there should be better photos of me (and my stylez) around the place, but so far, I have seen no evidence.

Next stop: Nodnol!

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