Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!

Today is Monday, which means it's Dancing Day!

I get so excited to start the week, because Monday nights play host to my favourite form of exercise: No Lights No Lycra.

Never heard of it?
NLNL is a one-hour long sweat sesh with like-minded, non-judgmental folks free dancing in the dark to some phat tunes.
There's no talking, no posing, and no self-consciousness!

I'm addicted.

 photo IMG_2200-Version2_zpsc71b9c18.jpg
Spotto one Sequin Cat dancing during outfit photo taking!

I started back when I got home from 12 months months of travel and it's now become a highlight of my week.

I love that this has taken the world by storm, after its inception in good ol' Melbourne in 2009.
I talk about it whenever I meet new people (sorry folks). It just keeps growing!
Not only has it given me more confidence on the dance floor, but it has also motivated me to exercise more (I'm running further and further!)

Click here to find a venue near you, or you could even start your own!

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