Friday, November 1, 2013

It is Happening Again

^Snaps to you if you get the Twin Peaks reference.

Anyway folks: Hello! Yes Yes! It's time once again for me to attempt the blogger marathon: No Excuses November. This month, I'm going to do my gosh darndest to post each and every single day.

My blog's been kind of sluggish since, um, November 2012. And before that, January 2012.

From a lovely book I'm reading at the moment, When Wanderers Cease to Roam by Vivian Swift

Yep, lately I have been staying put. Which means I have plenty of time for blogging, right?

So much to tell you all:

  • The month that was Frocktober
  • More travel tales
  • What I've been reading lately
  • How to keep that holiday feeling
  • Travelling tips for young and old, experienced and noviced
  • Adventures round Adelaide
  • My favourite podcasts (and why!)
  • Vegetarian delicious times
  • My op-shopping addiction (and fave places to snap up a bargain)
  • Summer plans

All the things!
Bearing in mind that none of this is written yet I might be setting myself quite the challenge.
Check back tomorrow for a new post this No Excuses November!

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