Monday, November 4, 2013

I graduated high school ten years ago.

Today marks the beginning of year 12 exams in South Australia. I'm wearing my other chapeau: head supervisor at my new school. For the next three weeks, I'm working every day, watching over the students as they do their final exams.

It's making me think about when I finished high school, this time ten years ago. Ten years ago! My friend had her class reunion on Friday night, but I'm not sure I see much point in organising one these days, given that we all know what we're up to thanks to the joys and privacy invasion of facebook.

At school, it won't surprise you to learn that I was a bit of a nerd. I'm totally okay with that! In my final year, I studied maths, specialist maths, physics, chemistry and French.

So what would've happened if I didn't study those subjects?

 photo 649_70841246205_1510_n_zps2d904089.jpg

I wouldn't have studied physics, which means:
I wouldn't have travelled to Iceland and Norway to see the Northern Lights, which means:
I wouldnt be dating an Icelandic astronomer now.

I wouldn't have backpacked to France aged 19, which means:
I wouldn't have friends all over Europe, which means:
I wouldn't have stayed on in France after my band tour in 2009, which means:
I wouldn't have had crazy adventures in Paris, and worked at EuroDisney.
I also wouldn't have lived in Bordeaux autumn 2012 - spring 2013 and drunk all the wine, and then had all the adventures.

I wouldn't be a high school physics and French teacher, that's for sure.

I've never known what direction I want my life to take, and certainly didn't have a clue ten years ago when I graduated from school, aged 17.
I still don't really know where I want my life to lead, but given the last ten years, I am thankful for forward momentum and confident that things will work out.

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