Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keep Learning!

I'm very tired tonight (haven't been sleeping well lately).
I thought I should persevere however and do my Icelandic "homework".

 photo 1146536_10151640063969226_1999854780_n_zps49e6d615.jpg
Camping in the Eastfjords, July 2013

I am trying to learn the basics of the language for the next time I visit (unfortunately not till June, 2014) but also to impress my Viking boyfriend (ridiculously fluent in English; surely it's only fair that I try to return the favour).

 photo 1176261_10151644916214226_1384833171_n_zps563226a2.jpg
The beautiful Jökulsárlón.

There is one Icelandic textbook in all South Australian libraries (you'd better believe I checked!) which I have reserved and am patiently awaiting its arrival. Perhaps after the loan I'll consider buying my own copy.

 photo 988696_10151622345304226_1308980687_n_zpsb29fb926.jpg
Getting a sulfur steam bath.

In the meantime?
There is a fantastic free course available online through the University of Iceland (I think) to teach the language at many difficulty levels. I'm still on survival, and that's just what I need!

 photo 1175273_10151636451139226_1927678873_n_zps82e0e205.jpg
Surviving/thriving in Iceland!

Have you ever tried to teach yourself a language? After learning French for over a decade, I am highly aware of the dedication and commitment required to even maintain the basics. Wish me luck!

All photo credit must of course be given to my talented Icelander. 

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