Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday Wrap-up

I've been going, going, going for so long now I feel I might just crash soon.

On with the show!

Remember last time we met I was in Barcelona? Awesome! Good memory. It was a bit of a cray cray trip really, flying in Wednesday afternoon and then back to Bordeaux on Friday morning. Totally worth it though!

Metro Map

  • I visited the amazing hotel where my parents were staying.
  • Ate a drool-worthy salad (accompanied by slightly disappointing mojito).
  • Woke up bright and early for a Gaudi tour with my mom. Parc Güell was looking bello in the sunshine, and I was stunned to see how much Sagrada Familia had developed since I last visited seven years ago.
  • Blissed out with a four-course vegetarian lunch frenzy, where I let out not one, not two, but three notches on my belt!
  • Strolled through the Gothic Quarter and along the sealine.
  • Gaudi immersed ourselves again in Palau Güell - incredible.
  • Quick hotel meal (and much better mojito!) before zooming across town to see Gaslight Anthem rock Barcelona with my dad!

Whirlwind! Wonderful! 

Jellyfish lights at my parents' hotel.

Goat's cheese, berries and pinenuts!

Beautiful blues under the blue sky at Parc Güell.

Parc Güell.

Not sure how mom and I managed to squeeze these cakes in (dessert stomach?)

Beautiful ironwork at Palau Güell.

Stuck in thought, listening to my audioguide and wandering (wondering) around at Palau Güell

Gaslight Anthem rocking the Apollo, Barcelona.

And since I've been back on hometurf?

  • Homemade tortillas and red wine; Wallace and Gromit at a cosy café; houseparty (apartmentparty) in the city; nightclubbing (!!! It was gross);
  • Post-war Impressionism at Galeries des Beaux Arts, a spot of shopping, drinks at a friend's flat (with some incredible dancing), yet another houseparty;
  • Deliciously long lunch out in the countryside with dear friends, gymnastics in the tram and a relatively early night with friends;
  • A French medical exam. My life is crazy. Japanese for lunch, a stroll and some shopping after, an adieu at the train station, play rehearsal;
  • Back to work (sigh), tending to my injuries, wine and cheese and music at the local bistrot du fromage, walking across the bridge in the mist, (finally) rocking out at Two Door Cinema Club, celebrating pub quiz win with friends.

Dreamy paintings of the Northern lights (I have to start organising my trip!)

Happy(!!) language assistants at our medical on Monday morning.

Deliciousness at Fufu

Is it any wonder I'm tired? Hope you've had a great week too!

Happiness at Two Door Cinema Club!


  1. That food looks delicious, great pictures!!!

    xx Fesi-Noir

    1. I'm definitely spoilt. Thanks for your comment!