Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fromage Friday

Are you just as cheese crazy as I am?! I thought so.

Here we go, the first post in a new series celebrating just how high my calcium levels are since coming to France. Seriously, sometimes I am force-fed chèvre.

I have dinner with my fellow English-teaching colleague most Wednesdays. On our first week she pulled out this amazing (Italian) blue.

I love that you can buy decent camembert for cheap from the supermarket.

And that you're given specific instructions on when to eat it to get the right depth of flavour for your palate!

So good.

Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to wine for a few drinks with friends on a Monday night.

This meal is my vegetarian go-to for restauranting in France: Salade de chèvre (goat's cheese salad, toast, assortment of crudités)

You'd better believe I bought that ashy one on the left. So creamy. Perfect for breakfast with crusty baguette (if I can tear myself away from the equally delicious garlic cheese spread).

My friend ordered the cheese plate at a bar the other night and this pitiful excuse came out. We had to laugh.

Salade de chèvre again! (and the amazing Rosie)

Warm goat's cheese and honey on the crustiest sliced bread. Oh my.

The cheese platter to rival all others. I was spoiled this night!

As you can see, my bones are clearly getting all the calcium they require. Unfortunately I think my thighs are also "benefiting" from this good-eating...

Until next Fromage Friday!