Friday, December 10, 2010

Just a minute in November

I know we're already settling quite nicely into December (at least I am, are you?), but let's stop for a minute and look back, deep into the mysts of time...

Reading... my 52nd book for the year. So satisfying! A novel in French. Another John Wyndham. The Happiness Project - "self help" that didn't make me gag like Eat, Pray, Love did. The hilarious Cold Comfort Farm.

to the waves at the beach, music in the morning with friends and lots of concerts!

Watching... Harry Potter movies in preparation for the new film. Uni results appear online!

Buying... tickets to the French Festival, cheese and wine, spotty short shorts.

Wanting... nothing! Everything is working out swimmingly. I have a new job, I'm looking at a new car, I'm spending time with family and friends and I get to go overseas in a few weeks. No complaints here!

Cooking... pizza from scratch, birthday cakes, Mexican and other treats.

Making... Christmas lists, homemade cards, sense of my teaching folders

Loving... purple jacaranda blossoms. Australian summerdays. Distinctions and High Distinctions. Visiting friends. Feeling the sand between my toes. Riding bikes. Seeing live music. Chocolate freckles. Cat times. Red wine with my dad and manfriend. Feeling happy and light. Silly dancing with my family.

What an exciting month! October was pretty great too, if you missed it.

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