Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

I think it's that time of year again! Only two short weeks until Father Christmas gets stuck in our chimney.

My darling boyfriend was doing a bit of blog spying this week to see what I'd like for Chrimbo. Not much has changed from last year, I'm afraid! I still dislike shopping and don't like having "stuff" for the sake of it. Practical gifts ahoy! I made a few notes in my diary the other day and would be pleased as punch to wake up to any of the following on the 25th.

A bicycle service! May I recommend Treadly?

Frankie 2011 Diary

Palmer's cocoa butter. Cetaphil just isn't the same...

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. It was on the list last year. I still haven't bought any. I've been squeezing the final essences from my sample test tube.

Lonely Planet Guide to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - we're heading over in January!

Giant chocolate freckle from Haigh's. I'm not a massive sweet tooth but I'm really loving these at the moment!

And that's the lot! I'm a simple lady with simple tastes. What're you hoping for this year? Hopefully not coal...


  1. Why hello Ms Gabby, lovely blog you have here. Choice Christmas list too, I'd be happy with that gorgeous bike or a Frankie diary too.
    Hope Adelaide is treating you well


  2. Oh J, I already have the bike I just need her tuned up! Are you still in this fine town or have you moved on to finer pastures? Loving your blog.