Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

I'm trying to be more regular with this thing, but it's hard, you know? Especially as I started looking for my camera cable tonight and came up empty handed. Will see what turns up tomorrow.

Crazy mad busy week.

A brief timeline of events:

Wed 1pm: Job interview
Wed 6pm: Missed call from the place I'd interviewed (I was... napping.)
Wed night band, as usual.
Thu 10am: Principal rang and offered me the job. Cue happy dancing! Brilliant day opshopping and sharing the good news

Fri - Mon: Test Cricket at Adelaide Oval - early starts (ie. leaving home at 6.20am), boozy lunches and long days in the sun.

Fri night: You am I concert at the Gov with a very late end!

Sat night: Manfriend's sister arrived from the UK with her husband. Collected them at the airport then homecooked food and family times.

Sun night: Surprised the boy by picking him up from his job at the pub. Yet another late night.

Mon and Tues: Going in to my new workplace to shake hands, talk business, attend meetings, share resources, meet staff and photocopy.

I can't get over how busy this week was..... Time for some sleep ins and starting the xmas shopping.


  1. YAY Congratulations on the job! It is super exciting!

  2. Thanks so much Karli! Not sure how I'll keep up with blogging and first year teaching but I'll do my best.