Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yesterday I...

  • Bought a car

  • Did loads of washing

  • Rode one hour under the hot sun

  • Met about 30 in-laws

  • Played backyard cricket and scored catch of the day

  • Flew to Perth
Looks like there won't be any wrap-up this week!


  1. Big big Day! I um, avoided flood waters and that's about all so in comparison you're a hero. Enjoy Perth!!!

  2. Sounds productive! I've been marooned in my house all week due to a blizzard. It's been kind of fun, catching up on my blogging, crafting, and bad TV addictions :)

  3. Thanks Karli! Back tomorrow.

    @ TTT: Sounds delightful being stuck inside, warm and cosy. Hot hot hot here.